RideApart 18: girls learn to ride dirt

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Learning to ride a motorcycle isn’t hard. A couple days at the right school, a little concentration, and you’ll be set for a lifetime of adventure. But, most people don’t know where to start. In this week’s episode, Jamie and Nik’s wifes — booth bike n00bs — show just how easy it can be.

  • Edward

    “Wifes,” that is all.

    • Ax

      What’s a “booth bike”? Is that like a demo bike at a convention? ;)

  • Dani Peral

    Simply beautiful.

  • bluemilew

    Joes Jamie remind anyone of Steve Irwin?

    “Lets just observe these females over there in their undisturbed habitat, trying to mount that there motorcycle..”

  • fred vg

    I thought this was great. Isn’t it remarkable how much less obtrusive the product placement is when the product is actually a motorcycle (looking at you Porsche)?
    Honda is killing it these days when it comes to getting more people on motorcycles. Everything ties together nicely, from the newly announced bikes to these training days. I hope their strategy works.

  • Martin


  • RagdollOp

    “RideApart 18: girls learn to ride dirt”

    Finally, a RideApart with Wes riding dirt!

    • Campisi

      I chuckled.

  • nopro

    This is pure awesome. Makes me want to sign me and my girl up for an MSF course.

  • Edward

    This does make me want to take a dirt-riding school, though. Any suggestions for reputable schools in the Northeast?

  • NewOldSchool

    Can’t believe all the ignorant, vile comments this episode is getting on the Youtubes.

    Wait, it’s you tube, of course I can. *eyeroll

  • Tony T.

    You meet the nicest people etc…

    Rideapart has been super positive this season. Keep it up!

    • Strandbum


      I live in Pasadena and only been riding for 3 years. Through Rideapart I see new canyon routes, flat track now dirt within a hour’s reach. Was actually in Colton today of all places too. Been interested in dirt so now I know where to go to get started.

      Good stuff, thanks guys – -

  • Holden and Annette

    Mertcedes looks like an excellent teacher. I’ve never seen a good instructor before. Wish I could take lessons from her. Alas, I’m on the wrong coast.