Roland Sands designs a scooter

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The TMAX is hugely innovative in the scooter world for its use of an aluminum spar frame that mounts the motor amidships, not on the swingarm. But, until now, all that’s been hidden under fairly anonymous plastic. Enter Roland Sands…

The end result is simplicity embodied, but the build was far from. To achieve the radically stripped look, RSD had to reposition the radiator and exhaust, expose the final drive and fit a totally new seat solution. They then grafted on risers for flat-track style bars, a front numberplate, fitted sticky tires and took it riding.

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  • Ben W

    It’s difficult to get excited without monster guitar riffs. Someone call Ducati’s marketing group.

    That aside: kick ass. This looks fantastic.

  • Jesse

    Hell yeah. That is a bad ass scoot.

  • Jens

    It’s called ‘TMAX screamin’ sausage’

  • Bruce Steever

    Always loved the Tmax, now i want to make love to it.

    Is that a sexy scooter? Can such a thing exist?
    Can i have one please?

  • holdingfast

    whoot! so nice! never thought i d say that about a scooter, but i want it. now. RIGHT NOW!

  • jonoabq

    That is effin’ fantastic!

  • AHA

    RS could turn an empty can of beans into a desirable hand-crafted object. Sheer talent. That scoot looks great.

    Without the original bodywork, makes you realise how crazily long the wheelbase is. Not ideal for handling, I don’t suppose. All those ‘super scoots’ must have the same compromised geometry I guess?

  • Coreyvwc

    Young men all over Southeast Asia are collectively loosing their fucking minds right now, and soiling their pants…

    That is a badass scoot!

  • mchale2020

    Kinda’ reminds me of the Dan Gurney Alligator experiment.

  • Bald Shaun

    I have mixed feelings about the aesthetics. But it looks fun a hell!

  • randry

    Cross’n up a scoot, hell ya!

  • Rick

    RSD’s scoot is currently on display at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy…