Rossi back on a Yamaha

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After two disappointing years at Ducati, here’s the very first photos of Valentino Rossi back on a Yamaha M1. Can he win again? Today’s test at Valencia was beset by heavy rain, so it’s too soon to tell.

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  • the_doctor

    Awesome. Any shots of Casey fishing?

  • David S

    Is it just me? Or does it have a dark and eerie tone to it?

    Still glad to see Rossi back!

    • PenguinScotty

      I’m right there with you. I think the colors add to the whole feel. He definitely doesn’t have the same facial expressions as he did before.

  • AHA

    Precious private moments for Rossi to get to know his new steed. Just the pit lane, a mob of paparazzi and, well, the whole world for company. Lol!

  • Matt

    Now with Rossi back on a Yamaha, the only outdated fact in HFL’s famous Pirates vs. Power Rangers article has been rectified. All is right with the universe again.

    • Matt

      That Pirates vs Power Rangers article is just about my favorite motorcycle-related thing on the internet, BTW. Legendary.