The KTM 1290 SuperDuke’s tail

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Our friends at Oliepeil snagged this shot of a partially uncovered KTM 1290 Super Duke. With a punched-out version of the RC8/1190 Adventure motor (which already makes 92lb/ft), this thing is set to be utterly ridiculous. Only ex-paratroopers that skydive from space need apply.

  • Coreyvwc

    MMM… can’t wait till the long beach show!

  • webbiker


  • Frosty_spl

    That’s a motoGP exhaust! Ughhh I can’t wait!

  • je

    PSSST.. KTM…I love you

  • the_doctor

    Rear tires, it is going to need lots.

  • holdingfast

    gimme more!

  • jonoabq

    While I actually love stuff like this it would be utter torture riding it at commuter speeds around town. Riding my speed triple at 1/10th is hard enough, but this bike just begs to be let loose… doubt my drivers license would survive the frequent “go straight to jail” speeds.

  • PenguinScotty


    I’m glad they took the RC8 tail, because that looked AMAZING! Single sided Swingarm? SCHWING! Is that two silencers i see (i doubt it)? WEIRD! Color scheme on the wheel, super funk!

    Man, this thing may turn out to be complete insanity. The only sad thing is that KTM is now really allowed to do a crazy marketing video like they did for the original SD anymore :P.

    Love how they have a scrubbed in slick on there, though!

    OHBOY i can’t wait for more pics!

  • Sasha Pave

    Traffic laws will be slaughtered.

    • filly-fuzz


      I want that bike so hard