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Ducati’s just taken the wraps of the “R” version of its flagship superbike in Milan. There’s no claimed power increase, but Ti con-rods, DLC-coated rocker arms and a lighter flywheel boost max revs from 11,500 to 12,000rpm, ridiculously high for a 1199cc v-twin. Other changes are mostly cosmetic, with a host of carbon gewgaws and a full Termignoni system coming on the Ducati 1199 Panigale R as standard.

Update: the R, which includes ABS, will cost $29,995.

Ducati says: “The “R” version of Ducati’s Superbikes has always been the dream model, the machine taken by Ducati Corse and enhanced with high performance preparation for homologation into the highly competitive environment of World Superbike.”

“The 1199 Panigale R model introduces the very latest version of engine and R-b-W mapping to all the 1199 models, improving performance and refining the overall Superbike riding experience. The “R” takes everything that the “S” model is currently equipped with and applies a list of enhancements to the technical specification that enable the model to achieve even greater targets. Titanium con-rods, which save an overall 0.63kg (1.38lb), a 0.7kg (1.54lb) lighter crankshaft flywheel, DLC-coated rocker-arms and revised engine mapping now enhance the Superquadro engine’s crank acceleration and allow it to rev 500rpm higher to a 12,000rpm limit, an incredible engineering achievement for 112mm pistons.”

“The famous “R” race kit components consist of high-penetration racing screen, fairing mirror caps in machined alloy and a full Termignoni exhaust system with dedicated ECU mapping (for track use only). The system provides an impressive power increase of 3% at the top of the rev-range and 15% in the mid-range, further amplified by the R’s acceleration-enhancing 15-41 final drive ratio.”

“Additional enhancements to the machine include lightweight carbon fibre rear hugger, rear suspension guard, heels guards, ignition switch surround and top fairing inner panels and carbon fibre protectors for the single-sided swingarm and clutch cover. These lightweight chassis and engine components enable the “R” version a dry weight of just 165kg (363.7lb), even with an ABS braking system fitted as standard equipment. This top-of-the-range model is also fitted with a special race-style seat fabric for added “feel” and equipped with the GPS-enhanced Ducati Data Acquisition system, for automatic lap times and circuit map-linked data.”

“The 1199 Panigale R is dressed in Ducati red with defining white race features, sporting a mix of red and brushed aluminium on the fuel tank with lightweight forged wheels by Marchesini in black.”

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  • Rick


    • Groomez


  • Bruce Steever

    Meh. Another Italian superbike.

    You know what does excite me? A raft of new, affordable and altogether more interesting models like the Ninja 300, CBR500, etc.

  • Kevin

    that is one awesome douchebag mount

  • Edward

    I’ve never understood the point of a swingarm protector. Is the idea to preserve the finish of the swingarm (and I assume to have an excuse to add more carbon fiber)? I’m as much in favor of carbon fiber as the next Ducati-rider, but adding CF pieces without subtracting anything seems to be counter-productive from a weight-savings perspective.

    • smoke4ndmears

      You should try low-siding more often.

  • Rick

    Aluminum fuel tank is swell in a way that plastic Ducati tanks aren’t.

    • Pete

      Aluminum fuel tank doesn’t swell in a way that plastic Ducati tanks do.

  • mchale2020

    What I want to know is why some there has been speculation and apprehension between the WSBK rosters of issues developing the Panigale as opposed to the previous generation of Ducks.

  • Aaron

    So when does the Panistrada come out? Ducati is going to run out of models to put panniers on! ;)

  • smoke4ndmears is claming 201hp with a %15 increase in mid range power.

    • Wes Siler

      They’re basing that on the x% power increase stated in the press release. You have to figure in that Duc straight up lied about the stock bike making 195hp though.

      • smoke4ndmears