This is the MV Agusta Rivale

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Sitting down? Got Kleenex? Girlfriend out of the house? Web cam off? Good, because MV’s just dropped the first pics of the new Rivale. 123bhp out of a stroked, 800cc version of its new triple, the whole shebang weighs just 385lbs (dry). There’s traction control, a ride-by-wire throttle and the rest of the MVICS electronics as well, all wrapped in styling thats, well…good.

Gallery link, all our EICMA coverage.

  • Ben Rendel


  • Ben W

    Wonder what the wet weight will end up at? I’m looking forward to more shots of this one: it’s time to move to the “just right” size. I find the Streetfighter 848 better looking at this point, though.

    • Ben W

      As a point of comparison for anyone else wondering, the SF 848 claims a dry weight of 373 lbs and wet of 439 lbs.

    • Wes Siler

      This is more competition of the 820cc hyperstrada that’ll be unveiled here in a couple hours.

  • zipp4

    Speechless. The entire lineup is gorgeous.

  • Chris F

    Looks like the Hyper’s fat sister, ugh.

    • David Vuilleumier


    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


  • tbowdre

    Seems like most of the new bikes have lots of individual pieces of plastic bolted to them… too lego.. ish for me

    Where are the erik buell racing bikes! come on BUELL

    • je

      I so hope we see something new from Erik tomorrow.

    • SamuraiMark

      +1. Horrible. Race to the bottom in X-TREME design.

  • Dennis

    Pictures look… dark. As in poorly lit. Like it’s late and the bar is closing and the girl you’re talking to won’t come out of the shadows, and your wingman keeps saying, “dude, dude, hey dude come here a sec, OK? I gotta tell you something…”

    How come so dark? If they turned the lights up what would we learn?

  • Frosty_spl

    I just photoshopped them brighter. ehhh no thanks. Seems like lots of weird shapes with no harmony.

    Bits and pieces are cool, but not all together.

  • Philip

    Gutted with disappointment.

    Side profile looks passable, but that headlight is yet another stroke of genius from the Spy vs Spy design department…meh.

    The F3 is gorgeous, the Brutalina pretty – WTF happened to the Rivale?!

    • Chris Davis

      Spy vs Spy was the first thing that came to this mind as well.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Doesn’t really do it for me. But I suppose it is unique…

  • John

    Another product of Cylon Design Inc.

    Meh. Looks like a cheap Chinese scooter if you ask me.

    • Daan

      I like cylon design, the current r6 in the right color scheme looks amazing. This is more like an out of shape cylon which has been sitting on the couch for months.

    • Frosty_spl

      I agree, but I was trying to be nice, haha

  • Jonathan

    Super dirt nasty broken-toe-nail-clipping ugly. I mean that’s really horrible.

    Maybe they can translate the spec sheet to braile and market it to people without eyes.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


  • je

    Despite I hate MV headlights (including this one), I really like the side profile of this bike. It has so much flow to it, to bad it will be ruined by an unwarranted price and most likely flacky electronics.

    Those wheels… That exhaust… Well done MV on epic design

  • cdeforrest

    What, aside from the crazy styling & barkbusters, is the difference between this & the Brutale?
    I’m not seeing a lot of ground clearance, so that doesn’t seem to be it. Of course, the pics are so dark, I could be missing a lot.

  • webbiker

    Way too busy. Liked the Tricruiser concept but this does nothing for me.

  • Keith

    We are going to look back on this decade of motorcycle design and say “what the fuck were they thinking”.
    Just like looking back at 1980′s car designs.
    What ever happened to smooth curves and style?
    Looks like someone sorted through a bin of spares.
    Maybe I’m too old…..(sigh)

    • Scott-jay

      Strange times indeed.
      Why not express quality & design in motorcycle, instead of affixed bits?
      Or, sell bare bike and like-lego kits to transform your bare-bike into what-ever replica.

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

        Great idea.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    When did MV Agusta hire Tony Stark as lead designer?

  • Trevor

    Just like the Brutal it took a styling page from the aprilia Shiver.

  • richard gozinya

    The lights on the barkbusters just scream off-road machine! MV Agusta has reached new heights of function over form!

  • Anders

    I just don’t get it. Looks like a bunch of curves randomly thrown together. Looks like a mess. Let’s hope it looks better in real life.