Watch Flat Track’s biggest race

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With great onboard race footage, actually insightful talk from the racers and an explanation of the race’s history and context, this video is a much-needed look at Flat Track’s biggest event, the Peoria TT.

  • RT Moto

    Flat Track is badass. I’ve been up to some races in Perris and it’s no joke flat out racing. It’s an oval but these guys, and gals, are out there laying it all out there. I don’t think it gets anymore challenging than drifting around a dirt track on a motorcycle. It’s insane. Thanks for the video HFL.

  • Scott-jay


  • Steve

    This is TT racing not flat track. Start with flat track speed and sliding, add left and right turns and a jump. Like scrambles back in the day (50 years ago). Gnarly! Cover foto appears to be Kenny Roberts doin’ it!

  • Coreyvwc

    Er Mah Gerd! They’s turnin’ riiiight!

    This is kind of way cooler than regular flat track, i like it, i like a lot.

  • randry

    I wouldn’t say it’s their biggest race. I believe that might be the Springfeild Mile or Daytona. They only run a couple TT’s a year, certainly entertaining to watch. Most guys ride MX’ers now, back in the day it was all Harley, BSA, Norton. Doing it with a big twin added some excitement to say the least. Watching Nickey Hayden at Peoria was pure joy. I saw him jump the start, get put all the way to the back(fourth row start)and come back to win by a big margin.

  • mugget

    Go fast, turn left!! (Turning right after a jump is allowed as well.)