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What happens when everyone’s favorite street racer teams up with a streetwear brand, teams up with a legendary maker of leather suits and jackets? Crooks and Castles used Adey as inspiration for this collaboration, custom fitting the prototype Vanson jacket to him. Adey then had some fun with all that on video. We mostly think he just wanted an excuse to play with a model for a day.

The Crooks x Vanson jacket will be available in the near future. Look for details here when it is.

  • Jordan Jones

    I just would like to know this:

    Does anybody else find riding a stock cross-plane R1 smoothly at street speeds needlessly frustrating and boring, more so than a usual sport bike?

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, the stock bike is completely terrible, which is why we did this article:

      • Trojanhorse

        Completely terrible? Between that and the recent AdFeatures you’re rapidly losing every ounce of credibility with me.

        • Wes Siler

          Ad features?

          The stock R1 is literally unrideable on the street in stock form. The fueling has to be experienced to be believed in its awfulness, the stock suspension lacks damping and the OEM D204s are among the worst tires I’ve ever experienced for anything beyond commuting.

          • Jordan Jones

            I remember that article and reading it before I rode a cross-R1 for myself. I guess until you experience it for yourself, you don’t realize how bad it is, especially when most other moto-rags won’t dare criticize their biggest sponsors and would just rather focus on the key points of ‘sweet-bro undertail exhaust, rad-brah engine noises, knucks-bumps adjustable rear sets, and sad bro burnt calf muscles’. I was so disappointed with that bike it was unreal, especially since my old R6 is actually a pretty well mannered bike. I couldn’t believe both machines were made by the same manufacturer.

            I mean Jesus H. Christ, most articles would make you believe throttle map ‘B’ is for the mentally deficient, but I had to have it on that map just to make the bike somewhat rideable because the others were absolute garbage. Then you have the terrible clutch feel, the ridiculously tall first gear, the inclined nature of stalling out. These bikes in factory trim are absolute garbage, especially compared to the Beamer, which just about anybody can dial in within twenty minutes or so.

          • Scott Sweeney

            Methinks you offended a stock R1 owner.

            • adey

              They should be offended if their R1 is still stock.

          • Trojanhorse

            Yep, there went the last shred.

            I’ve got plenty of experience on a bone-stock crossplane R1. Actually, I’ve compared it extensively to its competition, since that’s part of my job. Working for one of those competitors.

            Sure, it’s a bit heavy, the “A” mode is abrupt (although I prefer it), first gear is tall, and it doesn’t like to be lugged. Every bike has faults, what else is new?

            To call the R1 “literally unrideable” in stock form is beyond ridiculous hyperbole….it’s just straight-up bullshit.

            • Wes Siler

              To each their own. You don’t know what you’re talking about, Adey and all of us agree that that thing is just a huge pile of shit as it comes out of the showroom.

              • Trojanhorse

                OK, well I guess it’s not a hit among the zoolander crowd.

                • Jordan Jones

                  Their are some qualities to the R1 I should mention to help save face. The rider’s triangle really isn’t that great on the street, but I do like the way the gas tank is shaped and rear-sets are mounted because it feels like it was laid out for proper, body-hanging off, cornering. I think it would be a huge asset on the track because I like to use my whole body for steering inputs. The feedback from the engine is interesting, too and I would like to see what it feels like on corners 2,3, and 4 at Barber’s where you can really dial in the throttle in relationship to the suspension and steering to come flying out onto the straight into turns 5/6. The idea of taking a cross-R1 and ironing out all the factory compromises sounds very tempting simply based off the nature of the engine.

                  If you can get comfortable on one of these bikes either factory or modified, I think there is a lot of potential fun to be had and more power to you. I knew from the get-go I would struggle because its quirks sapped a lot of my confidence as soon as I left the driveway.

  • David Howland

    Pretty slick. As much as I enjoy bike culture and riding, I don’t need a Power Ranger “Look at me!” jacket off the bike. I love this so far (after falling in love with Wes’ custom armored Vanson jacket).

    What a rough life Adey lives. Sweet custom made jacket? Check. Sweet bike? Check. Hot model just to round things out? Why not. Can we see more of her?

  • Clint Keener

    Cool videos. Love Araab Muzik too.

  • thumpthump

    give me a break. i couldn’t care less about your on-site models. so glad that this isn’t a pay site anymore. its getting really hard to filter the bike-related from the fashionista crap. my bad for misunderstanding speed and style, i guess.

    • Guest

      Then go read

      • thumpthump

        yep, i’ll leave this site to you and the bieb.

        • Shaun Groomes

          Since they just called out Bieb as a squid earlier? You make perfect sense. What do you expect when the majority of motorcyle racing is in recession right now? Comparos of chrome laden cruisers by overweight editors?

    • Scott Sweeney

      If you want a constant stream of dry, linear comparisons and test rides this isn’t the place. It encompasses any and all topics pertaining to motorcycledom. At least the opinions expressed here for the most part are genuine and not bought and paid for.

      • guest

        Are you sure about that?

    • David


  • Kevin

    One of the least subtle branding I’ve seen lately on any riding gear, but that probably works for the target audience. Different strokes for folks.

  • the antagonist

    Nice jacket, except for the Affliction graphics.

  • Jose G.

    I like it. If the price is right I will be picking one up forsure!

  • matic00

    I’m sorry, but that was pure cheese.

  • MeatyBeard


  • Speedo007

    Cheesy, doesn’t deserve media exposure.

  • atgatthd

    This is laughable, but Vanson does make awesome gear. However, teaming with a brand that touts a Tony Montoya ideology, “always roots for the villain” and giving pimps, thieves and criminals a nod because they made their “castles” out of a ruthless pursuit of success? Pure capitalization on a profitable trend. (I guess, since this company exists). Which there is nothing wrong with, if you want people to think you’re in a motorcycle club. Or you’re not constantly bitching about what American motorcycling has become. I always liked Vanson jackets because their products rock and they’re available with minimal branding. A couple small retroreflective logos on the shoulders never screamed “look at me!” Any more than a leather jacket does on its own. I Don’t mind looking like I rode in on a motorcycle as long as I don’t look like an asshole. I mourn with everyone else on what motorcycling in the U.S.A. has become, what with this substance free branding of a Vanson product. Funny, most of the old American styles they make get shipped to Japan. So, why so laughable? Giant contrived branding on my back makes everyone behind me think “asshole.” Also my guess Wes wouldn’t be caught dead in this (whether due to outstanding abrasion resistance or just because it’s so Zed.)

    • Wes Siler

      Oh, I wouldn’t wear this for love or money. But I don’t dress like Adey and he doesn’t dress like me. There’s room here on HFL for more than just my personal style.

      This is a cool collaboration between two brands that are friends of ours, one that helps take motorcycling a little outside its comfort zone. It’s nicely made too. There will always be a place on HFL for stuff that hits those points.

      • atgatthd

        +1 for honesty. I really appreciate the work you guys do bringing all things motorcycle together under one roof. Bound to be controversy when that happens. With that said, to me, I still can’t decide if it’s cruiserface or pleasuredome(the icon helmet). But it sure is all Hasselhoff (Thanks JT).

  • Sasha Pave

    My God Where is that shop? Forget the fashion, check out those bikes!

    • adey

      Garage Company – Yoshi Kosaka

      • Sasha Pave

        Awesome, thanks! It’s now on my list of things to see!

  • Chris Davis

    Two brands people see as legitimate coming together with a credible spokesman. Product filling a void for a good-sized audience. This has commercial success written all over it. If you don’t like it, you’re probably not the demographic they’re targeting. I’m sure it’s gotten the attention of more than a few riders and more than one apparel brand.

  • Nathan Wiley

    Yep, tacky. Hasn’t this “street cred” crap been played out yet? Do we need another Icon or Speed and Strength? Grown men walking around like pretend gangsters is just tired. This is no different than all those “pirates” we all love to make fun of. I love Vanson, crazy quality with them and designs with staying power. They should run away from this path for sure. And who is Adey? Is he some internet meme I should know?

  • Brian

    This is so corny I was shitting out corn after watching these videos.

  • Brian

    This was so corny that I was pooping out corn after I watched this.

    • JB

      so did you come back three hours later to reword the same stupid joke? I’m impressed

      • Brian

        yes i did, thanks for keeping track of me, a little creepy