An in-depth video look at Dainese D-Air Street

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With airbags inflating to cover virtually the entire torso, Dainese D-Air Street promises to be a revolution in road bike safety. Motorcyclists will benefit from a 75 percent reduction in impact forces to the back over a CE2 back protector and an 89 percent reduction over a CE chest protector. Here’s a slow-mo look at inflation, plus racers like Guy Martin and Leon Haslam talking about their experiences developing it.

We’ve written extensively about Dainese D-Air, check out all our coverage here.

  • Joshua Harvey

    I commend the push for higher standards in safety, but these videos tell me nothing about the system. I barely got that it opens in 25ms from the first video and the second video is just a bunch of riders telling me their opinion of Dianese – minus the one guy that wore it and it went off. Can we get an actual in depth video??

    • Wes Siler

      Sure, follow the links to several, very in-depth, 1,000 word plus articles.

    • karlInSanDiego

      And in addition to HFL’s coverage, there’s also Dainese’s page dedicated to it. Unfortunately the lead video has Italian captions, but scroll down for details in English
      Guy Martin needs a new look with that movie coming out, or his mates’ll start callin im Bilbo. “Can I say that?” Ha. I do think leathers are more than just pajamas. Sliding factor reduces initial impact by redirecting friction’s contribution to le baiser de l’asphalte. And from there they minimize your bone/joint shattering roll. I’d really like to see some independent test labs beat the hell out of all of this gear and really rate them against each other. I have a Dainese Air jacket (no airbag, just mesh panels) and it looks too light for great protection, but I’m putting huge trust that it is really protective and not just the bridge between their fashion gear and their good stuff.

  • Low Aaron

    Airbag type jackets have been around for a while, Dainese seems to be mastering it for the common rider. Was saving up for a crash bounce jacket, but i might actually hold off and get this

    • Wes Siler

      Lanyards are whack.

      • Ben W

        Agreed. What Dainese and Alpinestars are doing with airbag systems seems to be stirring up more attention for the technology, but too much of that is lanyard-style.

  • David Strakovsky

    Still have no idea what Guy Martin is saying.

  • HoldenL

    It boils down to: Buy the first generation, or a later, less-expensive, generation? The only other question is: Buy this, or the Alpinestars version?