Don’t forget your panniers

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Pulling onto a pier for a quick piece to camera, a French journalist from MotoJournal forgets just how wide the panniers are on that new 2013 Yamaha FJR1300. What happens next is sadly predictable when you combine heavy bikes, tall/narrow piers, sailboats and a body of water.

  • Tony

    that was scary.. Glad the bike didn’t land directly on him… I’m only going to put 1 saddle bag on my monster…

  • motoguru.

    OMFG! You can’t make up something this good.

  • carbon

    Coulda been fatal. How is the guy doing?

    • Sean Tempère

      He’s allright, he gave news on his facebook page ( ), some damage to his thumb and bruising all around, nothing major.

  • Kr Tong
    • Glenngineer

      Some awesome rides in this video. Superbikes with risers, handguards and extra lighting on all sorts of cool nakeds…

  • mugget man

    A novice error…

    Bet he won’t make that mistake again!

    Those MotoJournal guys are a bit crazy though… wonder if it was part of some dare…

  • FiveG

    My first reaction was “Poor Feejer.”
    Then, somewhat delayed, was “I wonder how he’s doing?”

  • Robotribe

    Wow. He lands in boat. Bike lands on the pavement below. Nicely done. Sante!

  • Owen Lloyd

    Ouch, that was hard to watch! Yikes, hero to zero in a second.

  • Justin Turner

    I’m on a boat?

    • blake harrison

      That was the first thing I said when I watched this. Haha!

  • robot

    Thank god frogs cans swim…

  • Dan Sciannameo

    Yep which is why I leave mine off. Forgot I had them on one day in Manhattan while lane splitting. Interesting.

  • Troy Rank

    I did a similar thing this weekend with a Christmas tree on the back of my bike. Luckily it only scraped off a little piece of clapboard siding. Ironically there is a sailboat nearby in my backyard though…

    • HoldenL

      Is there anything cooler than carrying a Christmas tree on a motorcycle?

  • Speedo007

    Oh that sound of plastic…

  • Mustprovidefullname Gore

    He didn’t go into death grip mode, which probably lessened his injuries.

  • ted

    Interesting how the panniers just shear off their supports

  • HammerheadFistpunch

    Aaaand that’s why I only put on tail-boxes when it comes to hard luggage.