KTM talks new 390s

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“…the 390cc is coming which is a full faired version and the so called tour purpose version,” KTM CEO Stefan Pierer told India’s CNBC-TV18, revealing the development of future models based around the KTM 390 Duke‘s new motor. “We are talking about somewhere between 12 to 18 months,” he continues. “Every six months something will come.”

The remarks come as part of a video interview with the channel, largely focussed on KTM’s relationship with Bajaj. You can read the full transcript and watch the vidwo on CNBC-TV18′s website.

Last year, a slide from a dealer presentation on future models leaked, revealing both a “Moto3 350″ and an “Enduro 350.” Given that the the same slide listed a “Duke 350,” which is now the 390 Duke, it stands to reason that the two models Pierer references will take the form of a fully-faired race-rep and a sort of mini ADV or dual sport, both based on the same 44bhp, 370cc single and, given KTM’s recent propensity for platform sharing (the 125, 200 and 390 Dukes all use the same chassis), it seems likely that both models could share frames too.

All this is a very good thing. Not only is the 390 Duke seriously light at 320lbs (wet), but it should be relatively affordable too, with signs pointing to a dollar price point in the region of $6,500.

  • Relyks

    Sounds like a great first street bike! Should still be a lot of fun for experienced riders too.

  • John

    A 390 Adventure would be a MUST HAVE if it’s not like 80 ft tall!

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      They’ve been pretty good at making the Bajaj-built bikes dimensionally accessible. Plus, it’ll be light and slim, negating any seat height disadvantage it might bring.

      • John

        As a short guy, I’ve always been blown away that motorcycles aren’t designed to size with big engined bikes being for 6′+ guys that weigh 200 plus pounds, but make us a version too! KTM stuff is hellishly uncomfortable to me at any engine size. The 390s could change that and that’s good for everyone. For me, anything over 800cc is just unnecessary.

  • Dustin Edwards

    I don’t live in India, what about bringing the new Dukes to America?

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke]

    I hope Piers from KISKA (and derestricted.com), who did the beautiful graphics kit for the 690 shown here, does a similar treatment for the 390 series.

  • Aaron Trent

    And a supermoto?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Because KTM doesn’t have supermotos in its lineup already?

      • ChrisB

        Looking at KTM’s USA website, the only supermoto I see is the 450 smr. Soooo… supermoto?

        • Mark

          This is a problem with KTM in North America in general. The options they provide us are pretty limited. In Canada you can get the RC8, but not one Duke. I suspect they’d sell a few more Dukes than RC8s.

        • Aaron Trent

          That bike isn’t exactly street legal. So KTM takes the 390 Enduro and swaps wheels/brakes and suddenly has a bike lighter than the DRZSM that is accessible for newer riders and WITHOUT motocross maintenance intervals.

  • the antagonist

    So, after mild mods, exhaust, ecu, airbox, we’re talking @ 50HP out of a grunty thumper that weighs barely over 300lbs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

    Sign me up!

  • Dan S

    Excited and curious to see the KTM 390 vs Ninja 300 comparison… It really seems like they could be close performers. I’m not sure what upgradability each will have but 5hp and 60lbs can probably make a significant difference especially considering the approx $2k price difference. I wonder how the KTM will do on longer highway rides

    KTM vs Ninja
    44hp vs 39hp
    ~320lbs vs ~380lbs
    $6500 vs $4800

  • Tyler 250

    Isn’t the 350 EXC-F all new for 2013? Wouldn’t that be the “Enduro 350″ they were talking about?

  • John

    Seriously though, if they do this, import them and the prices are REASONABLE ($6500 is a bit high for these times, but reasonable), I would seriously feel compelled to buy the Duke, the Adventure bike AND the FreeRide as they came available.

  • yyzmxs

    So again no firm word on the Duke 390 …. I love their bikes but hate how they market street bikes in North America. I could do a better job with a phone and fax …