Photos: Michael Schumacher rides the Panigale

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At a wet, cold Paul Ricard Circuit last week, F1 legend Michael Schumacher hopped on the new Ducati 1199 Panigale. Joining him on track were John McGuinness, Randy Mamola, Moto2 rider Pol Espargaro and endurance racer Keith Flint. It was a little marketing promo pulled off by Monster, but a unique chance to see all the above on bikes, on the track, at the same time, nonetheless.

Photos: Gigi Soldano/Getty/Steve Etherington

Speaking of Schumi, McGuinness said, “I wasn’t expecting him to be anything else, but he’s fast!”

Schumacher is no stranger to motorcycle racing, having competed in the German IDM superbike series on a CBR1000RR.

How do bikes compare to F1 cars? Back in 2008, he was quoted by Motorcycle Sport and Leisure as saying, “Riding a Ducati is the most exhilarating thing I’ve done in my life.”

  • shaun

    Damn, and here I thought HFL was all about vanson leathers and cover models.

    • Wes Siler

      HFL: Vanson, Models, Michael Schumacher (I had such a big man crush on the dude when I was like 17).

      • Ben W

        Fact: HFL is DEFINITELY about man crushes.

        • sean macdonald

          how do you think i got hired?

  • Afor Ant

    Also worth mentioning that Keith Flint is also lead singer of the Prodigy.

    • TreMoto_Armsdale

      Oh snap, you’re right. I knew he had [maybe wrecked?] a McLaren F1. He looks different sans crazyface/hair/pierced septum.

    • austin_2ride

      Nice catch!

  • Mike Swift

    McGuinness should take Schuey to the IoM, see what he makes of it!

  • Ben W

    Interesting that he’s wearing the Schuberth S2 instead of the SR-1.

  • James Colton

    McGuinness definitely fills his leathers more than his featherweight brethren. Just goes to show that the racers attacking IoM are a breed apart from the jockeys that grace the F1 and MotoGP championships. Despite having a fair few kgs on them, he still has the capacity to dominate a week of racing round the island. Imagine what would happen if he laid off the pies?

  • 200 Fathoms

    Fine, but how did Bieber do?