RideApart 23: Hillbilly Hill Climb

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A big hill, some small bikes, a bunch of dudes in drag and Meatball. Can you imagine a more fun motorcycle race? Jamie pulled a $150 beater out of a salvage yard, threw it in the back of a Honda Ridgeline, stopped on the way to grab some fake teeth and went riding.

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  • Ashley Benson

    The embedded video is showing the wrong one, Wes.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Yeah, it was acting up. Fixed now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7800741 Zach Livingston

    Great shots, cool concept, looks like tons of fun. However:

    Euros and hipsters making fun of “hillbillies” always comes off badly to me, as someone with a lot of family in the south. I’m sure Wes will want to tell me I need to re-locate my sense of humor, but that part of the video is a little bit offensive.

    Also had a hard time with the blatant Honda Ridgeline product placement. Not sure if there is an arrangement or not, but it just came off like advertising people trying to be slick. IIRC, this is not the first time on HFL that the wonders of the Ridgeline have been presented. Enough already.

    Other than that, very cool video.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      The name of the event is “Hillbilly Hill Climb.” As a person from Northern Georgia, I don’t find that offensive in the least. Would you have preferred we called the video “[Slang term for people with pill problems that live in the Appalachians] Hill Climb?

      Product placement, advertising, marketing and all that good stuff is what pays for the content you consume. Sorry for making money.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tom.zipprian Tommy Zipprian

        Honestly though, how is the Ridgeline for a motorcycle owner’s primary vehicle? Had my eye on one for a while now…

        • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

          Honestly, it’s pretty damn perfect. I don’t need to tow a 5 million pound horse trailer, I want a vehicle that drives nice, gets good fuel economy, is rugged, but still practical when I’m not hauling bikes. The Ridgeline does all that in the footprint of a compact truck like the Frontier, matches its bed space, does so with that giant locker under the bed and with three spacious back seats.

          • Chris Davis

            Back when I worked at Flat Bill Hill I got laughed out of the parking lot for saying as much. I hope they redesign it someday – but hire somebody else to do it.

            • alex

              are you saying that you live for the acceptance of others? I put 45K on mine when I bought it in 2006 and it was an awesom truck. Took it out to a BMW CCA in san diego at qualcom and cleaned up half the field and it’s a good bit faster around the twisty bits like mount Wilson than my s2000 because of the massive grip, vsa and monster brakes. The project lead bragged it was faster around an autox course than a v6 accord.

              Plus the rear seat folds up and with factory tinted windows me and the girl would bone on the floor back there all the time up at Arrowhead.

              Waiting for the redesign to drop this summer to buy another or maybe a used one not sure.

              • Chris Davis

                I am saying the exact opposite.

        • http://twitter.com/KPaul KP

          I’ve owned one for 4 years now, bought it with an eye towards transporting my bikes. It does the job very well, perhaps a little better than most trucks. The bed has adequate tie-downs and can hold two bikes

          It’s a great track day vehicle. I keep my pop-up canopy underneath the back seats. One of the cool things about it is that it’s got a trunk underneath the truck bed. I keep the cooler, gas and camping chairs in there.

          Speaking more generally, the reviews I read were accurate with regards to its features and functionality. Briefly: okay gas mileage, good handling, great in snow, good power and it’s tough too (I’ve been hit multiple times by the wonderful drivers of the pacific northwest, never caused more than cosmetic damage).

          TLDR: Cool truck bro.

        • http://www.facebook.com/michael.howard.9889 Michael Howard

          Hold on. The BIKE is the primary vehicle, right? Mine is so primary it’s my ONLY vehicle. ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7800741 Zach Livingston

        “Wes Siler Hill Climb” and everyone wears fake scars that could’ve easily been avoided by wearing actual riding pants…


        Put it back in your holster, tough guy, I’m not knocking you for making money. It’s not my fault that it looks weird and sounds awkward for a motorcycle site to pimp pickup trucks.

      • Scott Jameson

        “Product placement, advertising, marketing and all that good stuff is what pays for the content you consume.”
        How does one discern between ‘just paying the bills’ and producing ‘content’?

        • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

          Well, you just watched an episode of a show on a website that’s full of stories. I’d say we produce some content.

          • Alexandre Donzel

            Wes, new to commenting on these vids, but just to chime in here it might be nice if there were some form of warning before or after (just a brought to you by or whatever) the video to clarify the nature of the commentary. Great video otherwise though cheers!

            • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

              The video is brought to you by RideApart Inc.

    • http://www.facebook.com/scottpargett Scott Pargett

      So sensitive.

    • socalutilityrider

      Just asking. How do you expect these guys to be able to keep creating this kind of content for us to be entertained by? Work for free? Do you? I realize the internet created this culture of “free content all time, don’t you dare monetize it”, but christ, give these guys a break! I found the ad non intrusive and was actually useful from a motorcyclists point of view.

      • http://kennethseals.com Ken Seals

        Agreed. It costs real money to produce these videos. RideApart could go the traditional route and include disruptive commercial breaks or overlay logos on screen. But they don’t. These advertisements are tastefully done, integrated as part of the story, and totally relevant to motorcyclists. Looking forward to the next episode and next week’s ideal motorcycling truck.

        • socalutilityrider

          Nice! Yeah, I own a brick and mortar biz that produces online content, and it’s a lot of work! And people always hate, but that’s the internet I guess. Also, I damn near bought a Ridgeline about a year ago. If you look at the used prices and the features in comparison to other trucks, it’s one of the best values out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Owen.A.Lloyd Owen Andrus Lloyd

    Where was that shop in the beginning?

  • http://twitter.com/threefour Victor Lombardi

    Nice to see Jamie having fun, I like his work more as he loosens up and just enjoys it.