The MV Agusta Rivale in detail

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Love it or hate it, you have to agree the new MV Agusta Rivale is striking and distinctive. A more stylized take on the Hypermotard theme, it applies suspension travel, tall bars, a long seat and lots of plastic to the Brutale 800 package. Here’s 19 new pictures of its controversial details.


  • Scott Sweeney

    Over farkelization confirmed. Still sticking the Brutale 800 at the top of my want list.

  • Stephen Kellie

    super ugly IMO, also the photos are too dark.

    reminds me of a transformer

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      Nearly all modern bikes look that way. It’s edgy and hip. All the good looking bikes these days are one offs, either in the form of a concept, or a custom. Granted, if all modern bikes actually looked good, there’d be less for custom builders to do, so there’s that.

      • AHA

        I agree. And here’s a good example

        What a pity they didn’t make that instead.

        • Jonathan Berndt

          now this is a great looking bike!!

      • Jonathan Berndt

        right, tell that to the Gladius, that worked real well for Suzuki. there is good design and bad design, and you dont even have to be a designer to realize something falls far short. way to much confusion on this one.

  • Nathan Wiley

    Why do so many elements look like they were stolen? Headlight from Husky 630, front fender from Husky Nuda, weird handguard mirror thingy from Hypermotard. (Which didn’t work for the Ducati either).

    • Andreas Alm

      and Diavel rearlights?

  • Damo Von Maciel

    I am sure riding the bike is great, but a bit too over styled for my taste. Oddly un-Italian looking. Can I just say “Untalian”?

  • KevinB

    Why do they keep taking pictures of it in the dark?

  • Heatsoak

    This just in: MV Agusta makes an unattractive motorcycle!

    “We wanted to try something different,” says MV’s lead designer. “We figured that ugly was all-new ground for the company, and we wanted to see how potential customers would respond to something other than our typically jaw-droppingly beautiful fare.”