Video: KTM 300EXC vs 350 Freeride

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Here’s a surprisingly beautiful video in which a KTM 350 Freeride and 300 EXC take to trails through their native Austria. Doubting the little Freeride’s capability, It seems to keep up with the race bike just fine.

via Derestricted

  • Scott Sweeney

    Except one is a high strung, maintenance hungry four stroke and the other has an engine which can be completely rebuilt for under $500.

    2-strokes fo lyfe!

    • Marc Fenigstein

      Not that it’s a selling point against a 300cc 2T race engine, but that 350 is actually a mildly-tuned, low maintenance engine – it’s a play bike, not a race bike. Haven’t seen specs, but I’d expect more like 20-30 hour oil changes, 100 hour valve checks, and no scheduled top ends.

      • Scott Sweeney

        Ah, I may be confusing it with the 350SX-F. I still have a hard on for the 300EXC however.

        • PenguinScotty

          Yeah, the FreeRide and SX-F are rather different, but i agree that, even though i have been saying two-strokes kill me, i’d like them to stay around and perhaps even make a decent comeback. We’ll see what happens once the direct injection and such gets added and a few other bits and bobs. Two strokes are just so simple and raw, it’s kinda hard to not like them (Even though i fall off them a lot).

  • Scott Jameson

    Fun to watch and pretend-like a KTM might do same for me.
    Even hinted at a story-line.
    Except first part… something looked & sounded weird during “let’s get suited up” segment.

  • William Scott

    Austria? Looked more like Australia to me (the ocean was a particular giveaway)

    • Adrian MacGeraghty

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Unless Austria has bought an ocean recently….

      • PenguinScotty

        Hey, we DID have access to an ocean once! But, you know, World Wars and stuff.

        But yeah, very confident that this is Australia. I feel deeply hurt here, Wes. Deep. Not really.

    • Damian Jordan

      “Austria” has to be a typo. Right, Wes? Adam Riemann is an Aussie rider and filmmaker, and that’s the Aussie bush in this vid.

    • John

      Same country. They speak Austrian/Australian there.

  • John

    After years of bitching about the dearth of 350-400cc trail bikes, KTM builds something that creates its own category and knocks it out of the park Too bad the Highland Trail 350 never came to fruition so it would be a category of two. I just have to figure out which organ I would have to sell.

  • mugget man

    Looks pretty good. Especially love the beach riding. Freeride looks like a really good option for some cheap offroad thrills.

  • Mykola

    It’s not really street-legal if you wheelie it everywhere between trails, is it?

    • nick2ny


  • derestricted

    Thanks for reposting, but it’s mos definitely Australia man. No beaches in Austria ;)

  • Ricardo Sarabasa

    I am 74 and still do Enduro every weekend in the mountains around Caracas, Venezuela. I have the freeride and am fascinated with it. Our enduro here is pretty tough, for our montain trails are very steep and with the freeride it is a lot more fun. I have done some changes in the bike: front sprocket 13, it comes with 11 and I have derestricted some things. I have been a Katoomer all my life and are very happy that finally KTM made a playbike