AGV Pista GP Rossi Replica: the most advanced, ugly helmet ever

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The AGV Pista GP is the unprecedentedly light (1250g), unprecedentedly expensive ($1,300+), unprecedentedly air flowing (193% more ventilation than GP-Tech) new helmet developed by Valentino Rossi. So far, we’ve only seen it in bare-carbon-and-numbers concept guise, but here it is in Rossi-rep paint. Lucky Euros can order it now.

The Pista, or AGV Pista GP, depending on which material you’re reading on which day will be AGV’s new flagship helmet and, possibly, the most high end road racing helmet on the market.

According to UK AGV/Dainese retailer, Dainese-Central, only 100 units will make it to the UK in 2013.

Its benefits aren’t just in weight or looks though, but it safety too. The Pista allegedly absorbs 46 percent more energy in a crash than AGV’s current flagship, the GP-Tech.

Here’s how the new Pista GP compares to the outgoing GP-Tech:

- 1250g, down from 1560g
- 193% more ventilation area
- 71% smaller visor movement area (area devoted to visor movement)
- 48% less HIC index standard (Head Injury Criterion)
- 44% less lift
- 36% less g-force transmitted to the head (compared to the ECE regulation)
- 15° more upward vision
- 9% larger visor area
- 6% smaller lateral section
- 3% smaller front section

AGV used lasers to scan Valentino Rossi’s head (not surprisingly, he says it fits great) and they used their 3D model of The Doctor to design the helmet from the inside out, starting with the liner, then the EPS impact protection, and finally the carbon outer shell. At 1250 grams, it ties the Nexx XR1R Carbon for lightness and it’s appreciably smaller than the GP-Tech it replaces. The design was informed by 28 hours in the wind tunnel and comes in four carbon fiber shell sizes with four places to adjust the removable and washable liner. There are four “always open” intakes (truly a helmet for racing) and two exhausts, but plastic covers are included to cover the intakes in bad weather. The visor is incredibly thick, measuring 3.3 mm (more than 1mm thicker that the XR1R shield), and benefits from a locking system like that of the HJC RPS-10 to reduce the risk of accidental opening.

”I consider the PistaGP helmet a tribute to Gino Amisano, an entrepreneur I admired for his ability to innovate, the records he achieved, and the competitive spirit with which he faced every challenge. The new helmet is part of the AGV Standards project, which, in line with the qualities established by Amisano, revolutionizes the way helmets are designed, setting new records for protection and ergonomics that are clearly evident,” said Lino Dainese.

What’s Rossi say? “Great aerodynamics, it feels like I am not wearing a helmet. Excellent ventilation, it is really noticeable. Exaggerated visibility, like switching from the TV to the cinema.”

We pinged Anthony at RevZilla for an update on US availability. Apparently it’ll undergo DOT certification and be available “later this year.”

  • Scott Jameson

    Bell “Rogue” is uglier and cheaper
    : )

    • Ben Wipperman

      This is certainly the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • Dennis Hightower

    This is not ugly…. This is Aldo Drudi expounding on his Rossi theme…
    Ugly is the feathery skull tribal crap Shoei (and others) felt compelled to market for so long… (Shoei has gotten better…)

  • mansgottado

    My buddy Johnny who works for Dainese/AGV was helping replace the D-air system in Rossi’s suit after a crash last year at Laguna, when he picked up Rossi’s Pista to check it out. He said it was the most ridiculously light helmet he’s ever touched. All signs point to this thing being awesome, and expensive.

  • Slowtire

    Looks like a pattern on a bell-bottomed pair of pants from the sixties.

  • Clint Keener

    These graphics look awesome in person and are super vibrant. Not for everyone, but are better than the ghosted tribal dildos from most mfgs.

    I want crazy, MX style designs for a road helmet. But that’s just me. I’m not going to wear a neon yellow jacket, but I still want to be seen by cagers.

  • josh

    I have a nexx xr1r carbon, and its a great helmet, but the ventilation is not anything to write home about (better than the hjc cl-sp about the same as the icon variant but not revelatory), and while it is ece certified, I don’t know by what margin they exceeded the spec.

  • Chris Davis

    It could be a decent looking helmet. Difficult to tell what the form is when it’s covered in wall paper scraps. I can see what regard the graphic designer holds for the shell designer. I am looking at the helmet and yet I can not see it.

  • ted

    For that kind of cash they should scan each owner’s head for a perfect fit. It’s not that hard to cut eps foam right? Right!

  • Sean Tempère

    Too expensive for my taste, and permanently opened vents is really not praticale for the streets. I had my xr1r carbon stollen last week (with a pair of a-star GP pro in it, so glad) and will replace it with the same (gloves too). Incredibly light, very reasonable price and that view port! My (almost twice as expensive) araï seems like a huge step back.

  • Damien Gaudet

    Classic Rossi. I love it, but would never buy it simply because you can get an exceptional helmet for so much less.