Another great AFM season recap video

Dailies -



Northern California’s AFM racing league is making a bit of a tradition out of putting together an epic video recap for their annual awards banquet. This year’s is no different, but does make the series look like a bit of a demolition derby.

  • roma258

    Their 2010 video is definitely top 5 motovational Youtube clip of all time.

  • Tony Strippoli

    Great video. Glad to see there are boneheads in other leagues besides CCS where we race.

  • drivin98

    To address a question in another of today’s posts, perhaps part of the reason there aren’t more young people into motorcycling in the US is because they aren’t aware of stuff like this even happening.

  • Scott Jameson

    Thanks! Riding clips shine.

  • Jordan Jones

    Was that an RSV4 backing it in at the three minute mark? OMG-esus!

  • Dan

    These guys make some pretty amazing videos hooning around the track. I think they made the “you’re fined $100″ video, which was basically an instant classic.