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Back in October, Adey and I both managed to put ourselves in the hospital within a few days of each other. Now, within the last few days, we’re both back to operating at close to normal capacity. That’s me in the top picture, showing off while our friend Ana catches some sun. Adey? Oh, he just got on track with Max Biaggi.

I’ve been riding again since just a couple weeks after my crash. But slowly and nervously as I’ve worked out all the kinks in the various body parts that were injured and slowly defeated the nerves that are inevitable anytime you’re reminded that the world can hurt you. Yesterday was actually the first time that I’ve slipped back into a leather onesie and tried the fast stuff again. Seemed to work; knee met ground six corners in and I kept my friends out of the black-on-black-on-black CBR1000RR’s mirrors for most of the ride.

Trusting myself to trust the bike was the hardest part, trying to focus on the ride rather than the possible results. Passing cars, getting lines right and all that stuff is still there, if a little rusty. The endurance and the athleticism was the hardest part, body position and being smooth on the controls and using them at the exact right time were challenges too. All-in-all, not bad though. A few more weekends or maybe a trackday and I’ll be 100 percent.

Which leads us to Adey, who hasn’t been on a bike at all since his leg injury was much more immobilizing than my ribs/arm/tailbone/knee mix. We’d talked about getting out in the canyons together one of these weekends, but instead, he just nutted up, took his Husqvarna supermoto out of storage and hit Adams with Jamie, Nik and some dude named Max Biaggi, producing this video in the process. He stopped by my house a few days later on his R1 and looked utterly confident.

Injuries don’t have to last, so long as you don’t let them.

  • Tony Strippoli

    Good to have you both back. Will be in LA soon. Let’s ride!

    • Adeyemi Bennett

      You know the drill. Give a shout.

      • Tony Strippoli

        No doubt.

  • Nick Gnaime

    I just recently got back on the horse as well after an off about 2 months ago. I feel you on the nerves! Good to see other riders brushing away the cobwebs at the same time.

  • Jakob Boedenauer

    Glad to see you guys back in the saddle. Haven’t ridden for close to two months due to traveling and i feel like i’ve forgotten everything, so i can’t imagine what it’d be like to not ride for such an extended period of time.

    Saw a few pictures of your guys’ trackday over on SupermotoJunkie. Jamie jumping his CBR as if it was a supermoto. Crazy brits.

    Max Biaggi at the end definitely is a humbling experience. When you are on track and are going your limit and somebody just flies past you like that just makes you go re-evaluate where your skill level is. Amazing.

    Thanks for sharing. Now don’t fall off for a while and make more videos!

    Come to think of it, just go and make a SoCal Supermoto school video. You’re already there :P

  • Jordan Jones

    ‘Injuries don’t have to last, so long as you don’t let them’

    Nailed it.

  • Sean Tempère

    Glad to know you’re back at it, the weather in paris these days is killing me…
    Can’t wait.

  • Kr Tong

    More CBR offroading pls.

  • JB

    So Jamie or Adey… who’s faster?

    • roma258

      Local fast guy vs. former 250GP/Isle of Mann racer. Hmmm…

    • Jesse

      All I know is that we briefly saw Jamie in this clip, and he pretty much just disappears into the horizon. Some of that is the moto, but a lot of that is the rider.

  • Campisi

    My only excuse for being out of the saddle is freezing fog and valves that need setting. I feel a bit foolish.

  • Mike

    Damn I thought Adey looked fast until I saw Biaggi for the 5 seconds the camera could capture him in lol

    • Mike

      Good to hear you’re both back in the game though

    • Jesse

      “Nothing, just backing this moto into a corner…”