Bell Rogue: the most badass motorcycle helmet out there

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“For years, our sales reps and dealers have had cruiser riders lamenting about the need to lose their bandanas for an open face helmet that’s got the attitude and style that they seek, but also provides some facial coverage for wet, cold or other harsh riding conditions,” says Bell. “The Rogue is hands down the meanest-looking helmet we’ve ever made.”

The Rogue is a 3/4, DOT-certified open face that mimics the look of a half-helmet, but expands coverage to the back of the head and over the ears thanks to a two-part design featuring a lightweight composite shell on the top and a plastic lower portion.

Much of the look is obviously defined by the “muzzle.” That’s easily removable and its position and length can be adjusted by ratchets on the helmet shell. Vents and a removable fleece liner means it’ll adjust for the conditions.

A size medium weigh a very light 1,350g, there’s three shell sizes across six total sizes and MSRP is $250. You can pre-order from RevZilla now and it’ll be in dealers in March.

With aggressive looks like this, we expect to see strong uptake from the cruiser market in helmet law states, but there’s going to be appeal amongst most open-face helmet buyers too. The Rogue is the most distinctive such design since the 3/4 archetype was invented.

  • alex

    that looks exactly like something designed to smash your face in on impact

    • Dumptruck

      As someone who has been in an accident in an open face helmet where my face took part of the impact. This is something I’m excited about. It would’ve been nice to not have a fat lip.

      • orthorim

        Nowhere does it say that the muzzle protects from anything more than “the elements”. You’d think with a design like that it would not take much to make the front into a chin guard. But I suppose looking “badass” was the main priority here. Ugh.

        • Dumptruck

          I wear both. My open face helmet saved my life & all I got was a fat lip. I have confidence in it. Especially when I don’t want the blind spot the chin bar creates when bobbing and weaving through traffic. Yes, I actually ride my Harley. She’s an angry bitch and I love her. When on the long haul, where I won’t be changing lanes as much, I wear a modular. It’s all personal preference.

        • Michael Howard

          While I’ll be the first to agree that a 3/4 or 1/2 lid leaves your face woefully unprotected, when I slid down the highway on my face the full-face visor of my 3/4 lid took 100% of the damage and left my face untouched.

  • Taylor Ramsauer

    Dear Harley riders: Your prayers have been answered. Where’s the skull/flame graphics one?

  • Justin Henry

    just wear a full face helmet and get over your harley riding self.

  • gabe

    So looking like a power ranger is not ok, but looking like an SS Waffen trooper is “badass”…

    sheesh with these “image” riders

    • Telemachus_1

      That’s Waffen SS, and German helmets actually covered the ears. This helmet is more similar to the much less protective American style helmet.

    • Dux

      I was just thinking that these would be used in riot control or something…

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      This is way more Road Warrior than Waffen.

    • Guest

      Does it come with a set of Swastika stickers?

  • Scott Sweeney

    Anything to get the dude bros a little more protection is a positive in my book.

    Wes, you have found the cure for cruiser face, and for that we thank you.

    • motoguru.

      The “muzzle” is held on by magic proprietary fidlock space magnets thus offering no protection from anything bigger than a deer tick. Or something.

    • HoldenL

      I hope Bell is pulling an Icon: Deeply understanding the target customer, and giving that customer more protection, incrementally every model year.

      I laugh and roll my eyes at this target market, just as a lot of people do, but I don’t want to see ‘em get hurt. Someday, a cruiser rider is going to crash while wearing one of these helmets, and the extra back-of-the-head protection is going to save him from a lifetime of disability, and that’s not something to be snarky about.

      • Wes Siler


        • james

          good answer, Im a cruiser an only wear the Novelty helmets because they look kool, but the older you get the smarter you should get an think more about riding safely an saving lives, the life u save just might be your own, so after seeing this badass helmet I think i’ve found my look, everybody has their own look, welcome to Cruiser World, thanks Bell.

      • Scott Sweeney


      • Brian Wensel

        Well put…

  • Jake Whitaker

    Why not just quit being such a poser and get an actual full face helmet? Just sayin’.

  • Jean Charest

    Why so much hate on cruiser riders… ? A biker is a biker. No matter what.

    • Zachary Laughrey

      Sir, that kind of attitude will get you nowhere on HFL!

    • KevinB

      Bikerz rule!

      • sean macdonald

        no, Biker Boyz rule!

    • Dustin B

      Who you calling a biker?

    • Gregory Eaves

      I ride a Kymco Xciting. Does that make me a biker?

  • thecrumb

    I’m looking at the cracked chinbar on my RF1100 (deer hit) and wondering what my face would have looked like had I been wearing this. Think I’d be eating out of a straw for awhile.

    • Brett Lewis

      Using the metaphor “cover and concealment”, where cover offers more protection but concealment just hides, this would be concealment.

    • Joel Furfari

      I had a very similar thought. went down a few months ago wearing my HJC and the chinbar and visor took some SERIOUS damange and abrasion (but left me unscathed). I’d be worried about that muzzle piece sliding around. I can just picture all that sharp plastic coming down and cutting a nose right up.

      I predict we’ll be back here talking about this helmet when Bell gets sued for this design.

      • Good Egg

        The secret is to learn how to ride without dropping your bike. 31 years accident free.

  • Dennis Bratland

    Just the thing for when you finally kill The Batman.

    • BigRooster69


    • hangaround

      “I will break you!”, said the street to your jaw with this helmet.

  • rohorn

    I can almost see the next version, in hipstagenic orange metal flake, gold mirrored bubble shield, and with chin bar hidden under the bubble.

    • Porter

      Complete the look with PBR tee and girl jeans. Oh, and a big, curly mustachio. Can’t forget that.

      • sean macdonald

        what’s wrong with girl jeans?

        • Porter

          Nothing. As long as you’re in the style over substance camp.

          • sean macdonald

            what about the girly legs over manly legs camp?

  • socalutilityrider

    I wonder if the “I look like a kid dressed up for halloween/ bank robber with my skeleton bandana covering half my face” guys will buy this. Also, I can’t believe adults actually wear those things.

    • Dumptruck

      ha ha ha!

  • Nick Farrell

    “meanest looking”


    guess even the cool crowd needs to make money

  • motoguru.

    Where’s the chrome one!?!?

  • KevinB

    It’s crazy how quickly things have changed around here

    • Dustin B

      I don’t know. They’ve got to report ‘news’, and now I can at least spot the sarcasm. ..

  • orthorim

    Perfect cure for your midlife-crisis. Go, Wild Hogs!

  • Porter

    Is this more irony that I don’t get?

  • luxlamf

    I love that HFL has left the land of the Nerd idiots like the majority of you commenting here and is branching out into other areas of motorcycling other then you “Pretend Racers”. You sound like a bunch of pissy little girls, and in truth you are. Shouldn’t you be going though all the Snake photos from the last weekend and using them as your FB photo about now? Posers? This Helmet? Not my style, but thanks for writing about it.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      wow! easy there fella we arent nerd idiots. we (ok I…) just think that it looks stupid. if you feel the need to look menacing (stupid) when you ride, go right on ahead.

  • di0genes

    That’s the helmet I use for Motostorm!

  • Emmet

    very bold-the term ‘muzzle’ captures the imagination

  • Jason Sagaci

    Regardless of the attitude, I would be curious if it actually IS designed to offer jaw protection, or just cosmetic. If just for show, a loose piece like that could cause horrible jaw injury on impact. Looks like Goose’s helmet. I have seen helmets like that in Japan for a long time now.

  • Mitchell Cardwell

    No. No. No.

  • Robotribe

    I’d never take it seriously as a motorcycle hemet, but as part of my Comicon costume this year, it’s ON.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Im surprised they didnt come out with a fighter jet helmet. They might as well. But Im pretty sure the military ones are not DOT certified even though the internals are exactly like a motorcycle helmet.

    I wonder if it has the BANE voice included.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      You’re looking for ROOF helmets.

      • roma258

        ROOF helmets are actually quite awesome…unlike this atrocity.

  • Clint Keener

    I applaud bell for doing something completely different. Now if they will only make a different looking full face. I really want that new Ruby.

  • Ricardo Gozinya

    Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

    • Damo Von Maciel

      We just need a retro goalie mask style helmet now. I think that is totally doable.

    • Guest

      Humungus wore a hockey mask. You’re probably thinking of this guy:

    • hangaround

      Your photo + your comment = saving my day!

  • Bryan Paynter

    Seems like a very similar concept to the Shark Helmets’ RAW.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    Too bad the muzzle couldn’t be suspended from the helmet via a solid structure, as to provide both abrasion and impact protection (instead of just abrasion.) Maybe in Mk.2.

  • Michael Howard

    The more negative, snarky and smart-ass comments I read, the more I’m starting to like this helmet.

  • HammerheadFistpunch

    Trolling again, Wes?

  • josh

    Shredder is that you?

  • Edward B Ford

    I like the Swat look of it and have to admit is does “look” badass. And I must say that any extra protection is better than bare flesh so it’s a step in the right direction for those who prefer image to safety. I looked on the Snell website and there was no 3/4 catagory for this helmet or any rating. Bell is one of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers so I trust that end of the equation. I would like to see what Snell has to say about it prior to strapping one on. Bare minimum DOT is never enough; but that’s just me.

  • Mike

    Looks like Bane from The Dark Knight… Definitely badass.

  • karlInSanDiego

    This says, “I own a Ruger, and I’m learning how to use it. So don’t mess with me in a year.”

  • Porter

    I was thinking the same thing. They could do a whole line of bi-curious snap-in accessories for this helmet: the “badass” ball gag, the “badass” strap-on, etc.

  • jerry guy

    Came here expecting an article dripping with sarcasm, am dissapoint

  • thumpthump

    the chin, nature’s crumple zone…

  • Bigeauz

    All the “image” and cruiser vs. whatever arguments seem to get pretty stale, so I won’t comment on how this thing looks. But what comes to mind to me is crashing, going face down, and having plastic fragments embedded in your face when the muzzle shatters (looks like a hard plactic to me). But hey, if this gets someone to move from a 1/2 to 3/4, then it can’t be too bad. And props to Bell for thinking outside the box. They’ve really got a great lineup of 3/4′s going right now.

  • stever

    Well, at least they make it easy to pick out the paid content.

  • Christian Youngblood

    I have seen matte black full face helmets with smoke visors on harley riders. They look awesome, especially on the sportster dark or xr. So what is the point of this thing? It’s like an unnecessarily generated missing link.

  • Rosario Müller

    When Gotham falls then you have my persmission to die?

  • kentaro

    Not too bad lookin but for another $50 you can get this bitchin leather stormtrooper fuck-you-up-mask.

  • stephen

    It owuld be sweet if the just madea line of muzles that complemented this and their other 3/4 helmets!!

  • Kr Tong

    I’m just mad I didn’t get this thing to market first.

  • Ed Hunt

    Looks like it would be great for paintball…. That said, anything that gets more people to wear a helmet is a plus in my book. My daughter insists on only wearing helmets that match the paint job on her bike, and that’s a small price to pay.

  • Andrew Jeremy Floyd

    Maybe you ride a shit-bike and wear a shit-helmet…either way…this Bell has the style i love and the FUNCTION of what i want. Count me in! :-{>

  • Gregory Eaves

    Isn’t the chin the most likely spot to be hit (on the head) in a crash? I think that’s what both the Hurt Report and some report out of Brussels concluded. Protect the chin. The top yarmulke part of the head is apparently the _least_ likely part of the head to be hit.

  • Kevin

    Total Helghast from Killzone.

  • Speedo007

    If I had a custom, this would be my helmet. Certainly not as good as a full face but so much better then what most harley riders use…

  • Dillon Walker

    I’d wear it

  • Valko Yotov

    this is pathetic, what next predator style helmets?…wait I’ve seen it already