CCW Hooligun: a $6,000, 450cc, liquid-cooled dual-sport

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What you’re looking at is the first liquid-cooled bike in the Cleveland CycleWerks lineup. A light, powerful dual-sport, it’s going to totally upset the market thanks to one other important factor: its price. At just $6,000 it undercuts the heavier, slower DR-Z400 by $500. Let’s talk to CCW’s head honcho, Scott Colosimo.

“As the bike was leaked well before intended, I will give what I can now,” begins Scott. “The bike is not available in the USA just yet.”

“Full disclosure: CCW was brought in as a consultant on this project after it was started, I want to be clear on this. Over the course of the last 2 years we have made several changes and improvements to this model as a consultant to the manufacturer. We are confident with the improvements and extremely excited about this vehicle. To be honest I am not comfortable with what people will say about this, but I am completely comfortable with the product and this decision I have made to move forward with it.”

“During the last 16-18 months of development, we fell in love with this model and the attitude of our partner, so I made the decision to bring this model into the CCW lineup. The implications of this model and our cooperation with this partner are far greater reaching then this single product.”

“There are several features that make this model unique, but not exactly unique in the segment (dirt bike segment not dual sport), and that is sort of the point. the motor is 450cc, 4 valve, liquid cooled and counter balanced, it’s a modern 450. The frame is all aluminum, the forks are inverted adjustable, rear suspension is link style with aluminum swing arm, in general the whole package is what you would expect from any modern motard/dirtbike. The basic idea is that this bike is not revolutionary, it is evolutionary for CCW. The bike has been through extensive testing over it’s development cycle. The basic bike is good, but of course we have a couple of hop up parts ready as soon as the bike launches.”

CCW plans both dual-sport and motard versions.

“We are looking to hit a unique customer base that we can support properly. By keeping sales numbers manageable we can meet and exceed our customers expectations. We will also support racing, track day evaluations and other limited motor sports activity that can really push our engineering teams expertise.”

“This is a first step to more serious developments with our manufacturing partner in technology, materials advancement and advanced manufacturing techniques. We benefit from their investment in this product, they benefit from the improvements we have made and together both benefit from a continued partnership to develop more advanced models from the ground up.”

“The Hooligun is not a dual sport. It is a dirt bike that you can legally ride on the street, it’s a motard in it’s true sense. The bike is 260 lbs. in full street trim. We will have hard cases available, but this is not going to be a bike that you are going to go cross country with, it is not geared that way, the motor is not designed for this. We may have subsequent models for this, but this is not that model.”

“I will let you guys decide how it rides. It really does not matter what I say, I have learned you guys will flame us if you think its shit and let us know if you like it, so I will leave that up to you and accept the outcome.”

“I bring products to market that I want to ride. I build, tweak and personally own every product that we sell and that is when I know a product is right, that’s how I knew we had to move forward with this product. It is a true hooligan machine on the street, smile factor is huge, fun factor is off the charts, it’s the kind of bike that makes me feel like I am on my BMX bike and that’s pretty cool.”

  • KevinB

    The front rotor looks seriously undersized on the motard version, but that’s awesome they’re building this. Looks super fun. What are the maintenance intervals like and how much power?

    • Victor Lombardi

      If the specs I found on the distributor’s site are still valid, it’s 240mm disc with dual piston caliper, same as a Honda 450R.

      • KevinB

        Yeah, that’s way too small for a motard. It needs at least a 300…a 320 would be nice.

  • Jason Evariste Cormier

    Looks like it’s a PZF 450. They’ve been in Europe since 2010.

    • Robert Paul

      This indeed. Apparently these are rebranded Chinese PZF 450s.

      I’d wager they aren’t involved with the build, manufacture, engineering, or quality control of the bikes at all, and just import them straight from China. Go on CCW, prove me wrong?

      • Cory McNair

        I believe they prove you right. “CCW was brought in as a consultant on this project after it was started, I want to be clear on this.”

  • Speedo007

    That is was sexy bike at a sexy price! I wouldnt mind adding that bike to my garage…

  • Ben

    It’s like a 1wd Christini 450DS without the name brand suspenders.

  • Troy Rank

    Priced way too close to the DRZ to be really compelling. I’m nonetheless really excited to see CCW succeed in designing unique bikes.

  • markbvt

    260lbs ready to ride? Street-legal? Yes, please…

  • Sergei Petrov

    what are the maintenance intervals?

    the drz400sm isn’t so bad but some of the 450 racebikes are just painful..

    • contender

      If anyone needs me, I will be in the garage adjusting the valves on my KTM 520. Then maybe an oil change. But it is so awesome.

  • Andreas Alm

    A copy of the old CRF450? If this is true, it might not be the greatest bike for road use.

  • Charles Hardy

    If it has FI it’s a win, if not I can’t think why I wouldn’t just buy a used KTM/Beta/Husk for street legal trail connecting/around-town fun.

  • Chris Reedy

    An interesting concept but I’d like to know more about the maintenance intervals and engine durability in a street setting. In my mind that’s the advantage the DR-Z has in that it’s heavier and slower but doesn’t constantly want for oil changes and valve adjustments. Any CCW guys in the house to answer?

  • Jay

    This is really exciting. It reminds me of the vaporware Hyosung RM450 a few years back. I like the DRZ400SM but the extremely narrow-ratio 5-speed gearbox and carb are deal killers. Hopefully CCW can improve there. I take it the “Hooligan” shown on the CCW website is no longer in development?

  • Dustin Demoss

    He did it again! Pawning off more of others peoples work. BUT i WILL ADD THE LINK AND LET YOU BE THE JUDGE

  • Dustin Demoss
  • James

    A cloned 450x in black?
    Fuckin thief much?

    • Sonny Koo

      how abt HSV ???

      do think before said

  • Guest

    Whats the scoop on these CRF450 knockoffs? Has any one ridden or owned one? I cant imagine anyone seriously recommending a Chinese made scooter to anyone they cared about. Are these different?

  • Braden

    Looks fantastic. Any word on power figures?

  • Rusty Montgomery

    I really like what you guys are doing at CCW. I hope this bike works out for you. That being said: Is it FI? Is it 5 or 6 speed? Whats the HP? If you guys really want it to be super comfortable call seat concepts and have him make seats for it. I can ride all day in the seat on my KTM. I mean it, a good seat makes all the differance on a dual sport bike.

  • rohorn

    Always a fun place to find something “new” (don’t tell anyone – it is top secret!)

    • Kr Tong

      Drive should contact a few of these AliBaba manufacturers and see if they can’t review one.

  • Tommy Erst

    this is exciting. can’t wait for some reviews.

  • John Ashman

    I was thinking “great!” But then you realize what it is, I’m thinking, I don’t want a $6000 boat anchor and secondly, the more this guy from CCW talks, the less interested I get.

    I could call China today and get bikes branded any way I want them too. Or anything else for that matter. But then I’d have have Chinese designed junk. When you have to use euphemism like “our partner”, you’re just being disingenuous.

  • John Ashman

    I wonder how much CCW pays HFL to get these advertorials.

    • Wes Siler

      Oh, tons. I think Scott got an ENTIRE round of drinks in last time we hung out. But that was only after we bought him dinner…

  • Jimmie

    The power plant is called an engine not a MOTOR o_O

    • stever

      is that why it’s called an enginecycle?

    • Justin Penney

      I prefer motor. MOTORcycle, General MOTORS, Ford MOTOR Company.

    • JB

      If we’re splitting hairs, engine is a more appropriate term in engineering parlance. An engine creates power on it’s own using a fuel, so an internal combustion engine is, well, an engine. A motor takes an outside source of energy and converts it to another form of energy. An electric motor takes electric energy and converts it into kinetic energy. Technically a gas powered bike would be an enginecycle and an electric bike would be a true motorcycle.

      If you ride an electric bike, don’t point this out. You will only end up looking like a way bigger nerd than you already do riding an electric motorcycle.

  • Cory McNair

    Is this a Lifan product, or are CCW and Lifan parting ways?

  • KevinB

    patent- A grant made by a government that confers upon the creator of an invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set period of time.

    This is the same thing as a generic prescription drug (albeit probably without the equal quality). Do you have any problem buying those? It’s old technology, Honda will make something new and people ripping off their old stuff will force them to innovate. It’s a good thing. #howTheWorldWorks

    • Dunc

      No problems at all with the concept of generic drugs. They are done so within relevant legislation. What’s more, they make no bones whatsoever that they are an exact copy of the original product. A big difference between doing things this way and passing yourself off as an original product.

      • KevinB

        How is this not being done within relevant legislation? You clearly don’t understand how patents work. They expire, you don’t get to keep selling something indefinitely without competition just because you invented it. Do you think big red would really allow someone to sell these things if they had any legal ground to prevent it?

        I don’t see anything above that passes this off as an original product. In fact, the statement “Full disclosure: CCW was brought in as a consultant on this project after it was started, I want to be clear on this. Over the course of the last 2 years we have made several changes and improvements to this model as a consultant to the manufacturer.” seems to imply the exact opposite.

  • Dimitri Hettinga

    I admire Scott’s guts and perseverance. But do not understand his “see through” pathetic Miss Vein personality. He pretends to be a motorcycle designer, while he just upgrades existing motorcycles. And that is good and fair enough. If this is the result from his design talents I would definitely not hire him. Please cut the crap and bury the bullshit Scott! You are making a fool of yourself and you shouldn’t.

    I also do not understand the price tag and inherently the commercial feasibility. This motorcycle category is dead as disco anyway. Cut the price tag in half and it would still be hard to sell. You can call me a pessimist but I don’t see it.

  • mugget man

    Looks like good cheap supermoto fun… sounds like a win to me!

  • Cédric Joseph Fontaine

    This bike is sold and known in many countries : Argentina (Heikon TT450 and Backfire BXF450), Australia (Odes MCF450E), Brazil (Tokens TXR450), Chile (Takasaki LX450), China (Asiawing LD450), Finland (Menopeli LD450), France (Upower PZF 450), Germany (Borossi BT 450 LX), Italy (GioItalia 450 Motard), Russia (Forsage 450), South Africa (BigBoy SMR450), United States (Christini AWD 450). And also in competitions : cross, enduro, supermotard.

  • yipY

    I prefer a bike sold on the merits of a bulletproof motor,not one that relies on a bulletproof forex exchange rate.I’ve had a DR-Z:therefore I know.

  • Patrick Jung

    I always had suspicion that Scott was a mouthpiece for a Chinese motorcycle factory with stricter quality controls and a clever marketing plan for entering the US. It’s too bad, I would still dig the bikes if it wasn’t for elaborate story. It’s a shame that HFL was pushing CCW so hard last year; you’d think an industry insider would know the whole story from the beginning. I also doubt anyone is paying full retail for DRZs….the KLX250 (used to have one), like the DRZ is basically old tech in a cheap steel frame sold for $2000 off sticker price all day long, anywhere in the country.

    Just to clarify, I don’t have a problem with private label imports like CCW. I just take issue with deceptive marketing.

  • Cédric Joseph Fontaine

    This bike is sold and known in many countries :

    Argentina (Heikon TT450 and Backfire BXF450),
    Australia (Odes MCF450E),
    Brazil (Tokens TXR450),
    Chile (Takasaki LX450),
    China (Asiawing LD450),
    Czech Republic (Václav Vizinger VV MX450),
    Finland (Menopeli LD450),
    France and other border countries (Upower PZF 450),
    Germany (Borossi BT 450 LX),
    Italy (GioItalia 450 Motard),
    Netherlands (Asiawing LX 450X),
    Russia (Forsage 450),
    South Africa (BigBoy SMR450),
    Spain (Impormotor IMR 450R),
    Sweden (Monstra 450),
    United States (Christini AWD 450, CCW Hooligun 450X).

    And also in competitions : cross, enduro, supermotard.

  • Sonny Koo

    the engine design, develop by honda and sold to asiawing with licensing, is not as what you said as knock off …..

    I love comment about how poor and how bad china make thing are, but they forget they paying peanut but expect ? don’t tell any one, my sony phone, dell PC, toshiba laptop, canon printer, nikon camera, bmw all have part that made in china …