China’s CBR250R beater

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Lookout Honda, Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has you in their sites. This is the new ZJMM R12, not so much a clone of the CBR250R as it is simply a photoshopped image of it. In a fit of digital image manipulation mastery, ZJMM also plans a naked version.

“These images clearly show what looks like an actual Honda that has been lightly modified (check out the sweet LEDs inside the headlight bezel lifted from the Thai aftermarket) and presented as a current domestic production item,” explains industry insider Michael Uhlarik. “Notice the less-than-subtle graphic treatment applied digitally over what look to be Honda’s official press photos. Given that this is common practice in China’s prolific scooter market ought to come as no surprise to any industry watcher, but since the rather obvious copies of Kawasaki’s old model ER-6 started to appear under several Chinese manufacturer labels, it seems that open season has been declared on western motorcycle counterfeiting.”

“Assuming it actually exists, the bike reveals just the latest chapter in a long and sad history in the Middle Kingdom’s struggle for global industrial credibility. Sure, we all copied at some time. Yamaha’s first motorcycle was a very poor quality rip-off of a DKW; Canada’s first production aircraft were imitations of British models (on further reflection, most of Canada was an imitation of Britain, but that is fodder for another editorial) and so on. Imitation is, as the saying goes, the highest form of flattery.”

“The N10 seems to be nothing more than a Photoshop manipulation of a stripped down CBR250,” continues Uhlarik. “It could be neat, if Honda actually did something like that themselves. I will reserve my judgment until after I see the R12 and N10 in person. Assuming it makes it to EICMA and assuming that I get to it before the Guardia di Finanza drag the copies away.”

“Rest assured, the Honda Motor Company employs some of the finest litigators in the business, and I am sure that thumbs are being broken somewhere as you read this.”

via ChinaMotorWorld

  • Kr Tong

    Probably not even a licensed copy of photoshop.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      I bet as a communist country, they have embraced the GIMP.

      • RadicalSkeptic

        Actually, as a communist country, they have a much more free enterprise system than we do, including, sensibly, a disregard for that supporter of the corporate oligarchy, the patent system.

  • lysdexia

    Maybe they used the gimp.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      I need to read further down the comments it seems.

      • Ben Wipperman

        Don’t sweat it – I enjoyed your delivery more..

  • Kevin

    More China Fail. C’mon guys and gals, you’re better than this.

  • Scott Jameson

    Deja vu, all over again.
    When will HFL ride & report on motorcycle(s) from China, instead of mirroring main-stream industry bias against ‘em?

    • Wes Siler
      • Scott Jameson

        Cleveland Cycle Works? Consistent theme to linked posts: normally flawed Chinese motorcycle qualities perfected via extraordinary US specification.

        • Campisi

          That’s kind of how it works out of China right now. Chinese production outfits usually build crap because of a lack of engineering knowledge and underfunded/underdeveloped production facilities. These things have traditionally been withheld from Chinese production due to its intellectual-property reputation and its low-cost manufacturing climate, lending itself to cost-focused production wherein quality is knowingly de-emphasised. Cleveland CycleWerks illustrates this; the bikes are produced in China, but when given the investment, knowledge, and respect any other production outfit would get, the resulting products are completely acceptable.

          • Scott Jameson

            Agreed, that’s the mainstream opinion.
            I’ve not ridden a Chinese motorcycle.
            Be pleased to see few links to test rides & reviews.
            As an old fart, I’ve heard this ‘consensus’ once before about Japanese motorcycles.

            • Gregory Eaves

              My Yamaha YBR 125 Custom was made in China, apparently; made to Brazilian specifications (hence the “…BR”), and bought by me & now used in the Korean market.

              It’s a class machine, if only with 10.1 horsepower.


  • Robotribe

    I can’t decide which fake sponsor-logo-stickered version I like better; the one in image 1 or image 4. The sticker on the exhaust heat shield is so full of win. China, you have outdone yourselves!

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I like the naked’s upside down forks that convert into normal forks halfway down.

    • Dave Minella

      Nice catch!

  • Ian W

    This seems to be getting worse rather than better. A few years ago there was a host of bad look-a-likeys, like someone had sat the ‘designer’ in a darkened room with a Peugeot Speedfight and told them to draw it- similar features but badly executed. Now there seems to be a steady stream of straight carbon copies, I can only imagine down to the lowering cost of 3D scanning.

    • Gregory Eaves

      Did you just reference a French-made moped in your HFL post?


      • Ian W

        I did indeed! (And actually wondered as I was writing it if anyone would know what it was!)

  • Gregory Eaves

    Why the hate on Canada? :-)

    Canada is the best part of the US.


    • Low Aaron

      No All year riding
      I think ill stick to Hawaii as the best part of the US, Cali close second(cmon its 20 degress hotter here)