Destination: F6B

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I’m down in San Diego today, getting the first ride on the new Honda Gold Wing F6B. You can follow me live via my Instagram photos, embedded below.

I’ll be riding most of the day, but hit me up in comments or on my Instagram with specific questions or comments or whatever and I’ll do what I can to fulfill specific requests. I’ll be updating with new photos and remarks throughout the day.

  • Kevin

    That’ll be a nice ride… ridden those roads many times. Do us a favor and park the bike on a slight negative incline and comment on the difficulty of backing it up without the electric reverse.

    • Juanito Alimaña

      I have done exactly that, just to see. Well, it is lighter to turn around than the competition: HD road kings, and ultra glides; triumph 2000cc; vulcans 1700, confirmed.

  • thumper702

    I had a GL18 that I frequently rode like it was a GL1800RR. During the hot months, I often considered cutting-down my windshield to something like the F6B has, not only to get some air to me, but also to stop the insane helmet buffeting at higher speeds. Let us know if the turbulence is gone, and if that shorty windshield is something GL18 owners might want to put on their Christmas list.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, the lower windshield fixes that. At 6’2″, it puts the air stream just on top of my shoulders, where I like it, the helmet is then in buffet free, clean air.

  • socalutilityrider

    How’s the motorcycle parking at Estancia La Jolla? Curious if they even have it. I ride by there on my commute from Solana Beach to La Jolla every day.

    • Wes Siler

      Non existent. And a bizarrely long way from the rooms…

      • socalutilityrider

        Yeah, that place is huge and located in an area that you can’t walk to anything cool unless you’re into biotech companies. I always find it interesting to see what buildings have motorcycle parking, it usually means whoever was the decision maker when the project was built was a motorcyclist. Glad you got some good weather today and are out of the rain we had recently.

  • Ken Lindsay

    Swing by work and let me take it for a spin! I’m oh so close!

  • John Ashman

    I’m strangely attracted to this bike. I have no clue why.

    • Porter

      It’s like that Tenacious D song Low Hangin Fruit. It’s sweet chunky monkey.

  • HammerheadFistpunch

    F6B must be Honda for FLTRX

  • KeithB

    How well does the windscreen work?
    Seems a tad short.
    Love the look, especially in black.

    • KeithB

      Never mind. Should have read farther down before asking.

  • DucMan

    No ABS is a deal breaker for me. I will NOT buy a brand new, 2013 bike for $20,000 without ABS.

    • Juanito Alimaña

      It has ABS, it is standard in any F6B model.