Developing the new GS

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The follow-up to BMW’s most successful motorcycle yet, the new, liquid-cooled 2013 BMW R1200GS had to be a thorough project. But how much effort really went in? The answer might surprise you.

  • Khali

    Awesome videos, now I want one of those supermotard R100GS….

  • Markkit

    Its no coincidence that the first comment was about the old R100GS and
    not the latest evolution advertized by the youtube movie. A movie filled
    with contrasts.

    I know I want my enduro to be as simple as
    possible, because the more parts you have the more parts can break (this
    is both annoying and expensive). I understand that form language is
    supposed to excite, but every generation GS has got busier and busier
    and goes further and further from the original adventure bike that Helge
    Pedersen dragged through the Darien Gap. Sure almost all GS consumers
    ride paved roads and don’t need ultra functional design, but lets leave
    the next generation GS with a little dignity and remove some unnecessary
    plastic please.

  • David Patlak

    Looks like this is going to be an awesome bike! The videos are well done, but am I the only one that can’t get the “Bad Lip Reading” videos out of my head when listening to the English dubs? How about some subtitles? (Or just leave it out for us Teutonophones!)

  • orthorim

    Whyyyyyy post this? Don’t you know that these promo videos work really well on me? Now I want one…

  • Andy Scott

    Very cool videos, and I thought I had my heart set on the big KTM…….

    • Julian Santa Rita

      Sorry Charley Boorman, Ewan says otherwise.

  • roma258

    The internet has spoken. This needs to happen! Not like Chris Tucker is super busy these days.

  • Eric Shay

    I am almost glad that BMW shut down their F1 team to use the space for motorcycle development, the bikes as of late have been pretty monumental, technologically.

  • owen

    Look at it being thrashed! Makes it look easy.

  • Jonathan Noble

    Interesting, all the developers of this bike prefer to ride airheads.

  • Markkit

    And more weight?