Honda CRF250M: an affordable supermoto

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Honda Thailand, where this new line of super affordable 250s is made, has just unveiled a supermoto version of the CRF250L. Dubbed the Honda CRF250M, it swaps out the 21/18-inch wheels for 17-inch item and dedicated street tires. The 23bhp, 16lb/ft single is retained unaltered.

There’s no word yet on which markets outside Thailand the bike will reach, but Honda did import the supermotard version of the previous CRF230L to the United States.

The CRF250L shares its motor with the CBR250R. Minor modifications shift the power and torque lower in the rev range, losing 3bhp off the top end in the process. Both bikes transcend their basic, on-paper specs through a general cohesiveness that sees them far more capable and fun in the real world than their numbers suggest. With the CBR retailing for $4,200, while the CRF is just $4,500.

The tiny, light CRF250L already makes a superb back roads blaster and urban commuter/fun bike, the M should boost those capabilities.


  • JB

    I’m screaming like a twelve year old girl right now

    • Daniel Silverman

      If they come to the US, I’ll definitely be picking one up!

  • Aaron Trent

    Praise the baby Jesus!

  • Chris Davis

    Bring it.

  • HoldenL

    Please baby please baby baby please

  • Sean Tempère

    The front disk looks beefier too.
    Looks pretty nice in red and black, who knows…

  • Peter G

    Geez – what’s not to like? A fun little supermoto which could be offered here at a very good price point… I give it a big thumbs-up.

    On a related note – I saw the CRF250L at the Motorcycle Show and was very favorably impressed. My 12yo son actually suggested that we buy one and put street tires on it

  • Strafer

    if i hadn’t recently picked up a used 400 supermoto i would be seriously eyeing one of these – which is faster black and red or black and gold?

  • Scott Jameson

    250s rule!

  • NONo443

    I doubt they would bring it over here due to the CRF230M not selling so hotly, but I hope they do. We really need more (not complaining that there are not any in the U.S.) small’ish cc’d Factory Supermotos and Dual-sports in the U.S.

    • Jasper Yu

      The CRF230M sold soo poorly because it was like $400 MORE expensive than the higher spec/performing Kawi KLX250SM. The CRF250L is similarly low-priced as the CBR250R due to the benefit of mass production in Thailand. If they bring over the CRF250M at a comparable price as the other 250s, they WILL sell better than the CRF230M.

      • NONo443

        $400 more? I thought the KLX250SF had an MSRP of $5299 USD vs the CRF230M which had an MSRP of $4749 USD (both of these being 2009 Model Year vehicles)? I could be wrong, but I always remembered the CRF being the cheaper (Super)Motard of the two (that was sold in the U.S. at that time, from the Big 4). Something seems wrong about what you just said; but I will agree this model (if they bring it over here) has the potential to sell more than the CRF230M.

  • Victor Lombardi


  • Jon Bekefy

    Must have those black plastics.

  • Bryan Paynter

    These are a winning recipe in Asia, on my last trip to Indonesia (last year) I saw heaps of identical Supermoto’d KX250s so I presume they were factory issue, they looked like the operfect thing for blasting around those rural roads.

  • Bryan Burnett

    Any one think there’s a chance they’ll make a CRF450L supermoto? Don’t get me wrong I would seriously consider buying this 250, but… a man likes to dream.

  • appliance5000

    If the ktm 390 Duke comes to the US at near $5000.00 (w abs) this might be a tough sell. Good time to like small bikes though.