Honda MSX125: a sporty Wave

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Equipped with the same fuel-injected, 125cc, four-stroke engine and four-speed gearbox as Honda’s insanely popular Wave, the MSX adds strong styling and surprisingly nice components like upside-down forks and a projector beam headlight. Think of the Honda MSX125 as the ultime in sporty economy.

Produced in Thailand, Honda states that this is a global model. But, like the Wave, that will likely exclude North America. This is a product for markets where small, affordable motorcycles are the backbone of private transportation.

The OHC, single-cylinder produces 9bhp and is good for 130mpg (US).

Leaving the Wave behind, the MSX125 uses an all-new, steel backbone frame. The engine is exposed as in a naked bike, but there’s heavy emphasis on the stylized plastic bodywork, which lends the bike a purposeful, bold stance. The long single seat does make room for a passenger and there are passenger pegs.

Thinking the tires look huge in proportion to the rest of the bike? They’re 12 inches in diameter (unless my Japanese translation is awry), this thing is tiny.

  • Dux

    Sweet. These things rule the Thai streets, and just ‘get shit done’. Food cart? Yes. Family transporter? Yes. Tuner vehicle? Yes.

  • tobykeller

    Ah, Honda’s finally taking a crack at the similar Kawasaki KSR. KSRs sell in ridiculous numbers here in Thailand already, and don’t even have passenger pegs (doesn’t stop ‘em though).

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I like it – much more aesthetically pleasing than those ‘step-through’ bikes. For some reason, reminds of a Zero e-bike? (maybe the extra large frame pivot/bolthead under the seat.)

  • Scott Sweeney

    I love that Honda’s basic engine architecture for the small displacement air cooled single hasn’t changed much since the original Cub.

  • Alexander

    For me, this is the modernized version of the Monkey and I really like it! (Even the engine looks much like the original Monkey engine.)

  • equ

    Visually, there is a good bit of Ducati rip-off going on. Despite (or because?) of that, I utterly love it.

  • Mykola

    It’s like an adorable baby Honda Hornet.

  • Charlie

    This is perfect…wish we could get this or the Duke 125 in the States. Part time commuter or run some errands in town.

  • Damo Von Maciel

    If these come stateside, I will buy one in a heart beat for the daily commute. I could go back and forth to work all weak on less than one gallon of gas.

  • Guest

    Watch out! Its X-treme!

  • Sergei Petrov

    could this maybe come here as an NSR50/NSF100 replacement? keeping my fingers crossed for us minigp fans

  • Daniel Silverman

    130 MPG? That’s incredible! How big is the tank?

    • Daniel Silverman

      It has a 1.45 gallon tank, so that’s 188 miles a tank!

  • Christian Youngblood

    Eeeeeeeee! It`s adorable! I want to buy a tiny condo on the beach just so I can put two of these in the garage.

  • HoldenL

    Oh, maaaaan! Why can’t we get these in the States? I imagine college campuses where they charge half-price for a parking pass for bikes this size, and they place the small-bike parking spaces in the spots closest to the buildings.

    My wife has a two-mile commute and this thing would be perfect for it. If they could make bikes like these with heavy-duty security features, they would be ideal for park-and-ride commuting.

    Give fare or parking or tax breaks to riders of bikes this small to stimulate demand.

    • Ken Lindsay

      I swear that all bikes are for short people or ones less than 160 lbs! I feel sqeezed on just about every bike except an adventure bike!

      • socalutilityrider

        This. At 6′ 4″, I’m pretty much limited to adventure style bikes. Which is OK in my book.

        • Ken Lindsay

          I’m 6-3 and my WR450R is tall enough, but I feel like I’m a bit heavy @ 210 lbs! Luckily, I don’t challenge the suspension on the street as much as I did offroad…

          • socalutilityrider

            After reading so many articles on the CRF250L on this site, I finally went and sat on one. I was shocked when it fit great, even at my height. Seat to peg distance is usually a problem for me, but not on that bike.

  • Troy Rank

    I kinda feel like Honda is killing it right now.

  • Rick Smith

    it’s like the 150 cc honda cargo in Mexico 1800 bucks usa give or take a little cash for exchange rates. Great bikes but you ll not see them here. Europe has great 200 to 300 cc scooters that will never be here. Same crap we a high end cash market . Honda sell 800000 bikes a year in Thailand . 26 percent of people own a bike is the usa. When they stop being toys and like Thailand because daily transport you might see bikes like sold in the usa

  • Aaron Trent

    I could commute for 17 days one one gallon of gas on this. I’m just going to think about that for a moment. Of course, the small mountain 2 miles from my door would make that number plummet pretty quickly.

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    You can tell this was not meant for the U S OF A with all that Stunting going on. We can buy guns, beer, and ammo everywhere here…just don’t show us doing wheelies or any hooligan stuff on our ‘crotch rockets’.
    This looks like fun. I would love to roll up to Bike Night here in Little Rock on this. More attitude than 20 Harleys.

  • Damo Von Maciel

    I have been trying to dig up an old Cub for years. It seems the just don’t exist in New England.

    • lysdexia

      If you think the Cubs are thin on the ground, try looking for an S90! It’s enough to make a man just give up and buy a GY-6 like the rest of those clowns having fun. :-)

  • VagrantCoyote

    Glad they had some dub step beats in that commercial. The mileage is incredible though.

  • Chris Davis

    Somewhere there are bunch of totally psyched dwarves. There was an IT guy at my last job we called Middle Earth. This is his bike.

  • Brad Baisley

    I’m mostly done building a 125cc C70 Passport. I swapped on CL90 forks, an S90 swingarm, and Ohlins knock-off shocks. Way more better. I’d still love to have a go on this little MSX though!

  • Kyle Johnston


  • Pruet Narathuschan
  • mugget man

    This looks awesome. I’d have a hard time deciding between this and restoring a Honda Monkey 50 for local errands.