How Team Latus tweaks the Triumph Daytona’s aerodynamics

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Once a rider is onboard a bike, even a rider as diminutive as Jason DiSalvo, its aerodynamics are fundamentally altered. To wring the highest possible performance out of its Triumph Daytona 675s, AMA Pro Racing’s Team Latus tweaks each bike for its individual rider in the wind tunnel. Here’s how.

  • Dux

    Uh…can they get any more vague? Neat video nonetheless.

    • NONo443

      As a race team, I think they wouldn’t like to give away the exact knowledge they got from that testing; seeing that the competition could/is watching.

    • Chris Davis

      Pause it at 3:28 and you can see the lower fairing vent is fairly narrow. Compare this to 3:52 where they show the stock bike and prototype fairings in the same shot. This feature is obscured by the aluminum panel but that panel shows you where their thought process was. Also the upper fairing has been extended toward the hands versus the factory unit, probably an attempt to deflect air around the hand controls.

      • Dux

        Good spotting!

  • Jordan Jones

    I’m just looking forward to seeing how the new Daytona does in the racing scene. It sounds very promising going by what on-track reviews have said thus far. I know it takes a lot of talent to be competitive but the Daytona sounds like one of the more exciting Super Sports to come out in a long time and it would be nice to see it do well in the coming seasons.

    • Hooligan

      Should do even better than last year. It cleaned up winning the Supersport category in the British Superbike Championship. It’s now knocking on the door in most other places. As a bike it keeps getting better, the way the engine makes the power and uses it’s tyres means it outruns the Yams and Hondas.

  • Scott Pargett

    I can only imagine what my Street Triple looks like in that tunnel. Hah.

    Looked like they got some interesting results by widening the face of the fairing. Prob helps keep pockets of turbulence from forming around the hands and bars.

  • Bill Rushlow

    This video is before last season. Team Latus is now RSRacecraft, and Dustin is now their rider in the Daytona Sportbike class. Jason is on another team now, but for some reason I can’t find the information on it anymore.

    • stephen mears

      And RR World just announced RSR is running the EBR 1190R next year!

      • Bill Rushlow

        Yeah, I saw that! :-)

  • Tony Strippoli

    RSR makes their own bodywork for the 675. I guess it’s the result of this testing.