Inside the Moped Army

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“We don’t run guns in our bedrolls, it’s kinda just a leisure club I guess.” Moped culture is awesome, totally capturing the fun and accessibility that too-serious motorcycling lacks. Here, SoulPancake takes a look inside that most notorious of outlaw organizations, the Moped Army.

  • Emmet

    almost got a moped. guy selling it was moving to Florida to join a club down there named ‘the Dirty Petcocks.’ Mopeds are very accessible- parts are widely available and cheap. Get a big bore kit, carb and pipe and scream towards 55mph!

  • josh

    I had some roommates who where in “creatures of the loin” in sf. They were a bunch of hipsters who took themselves way to seriously. They were always telling me how the mopeds were safer than my gsxr, even after one of the clutch-less 2 strokes seized going downhill, locking the rear tire and spitting one of them into a car, breaking their clavicle. They had more money into their mopeds than I did my gsxr, including gas.

    On the other hand, these guys seem reasonablly cool, so I suppose its more about the rider than what they ride.

    • stever

      it’s on you that you chose to live with cotl even though you dislike “hipsters who take themselves way too seriously!”

      • josh

        Have you seen rents in San Franciscio? I had just moved out here for work and had to take what I could get.

  • Tarquin P. Wilding


  • Jason Sagaci

    Oh lord….next will be Big Wheels and Pabst.

  • Clint Keener

    Mopeds will get young people into motorcycling though. A gateway drug.

    • Chris Stewart

      Total gateway drug. I’ve been in the moped army almost a decade. Almost all of the old timers have moved on to motorcycles. We still have and ride our peds. But all of us have amazing collections of motorbikes now also.

      • Tommy Erst

        Except for me. I no longer touch the things. Ha! Not cause they arent fun, mostly just cause I ended up throwing too much money into them. Too many other hobbies and moto trips to take to spend money on them.

    • Scott Jameson

      HFL library holds a way-cool city moped-eye view video clip.
      I can’t find in my drive apart pants.

  • Nathan Wiley

    I’ve heard this story before….replace every “moped” in the story with “fixie”.

  • Dan Sciannameo

    Its got two wheels and an engine – what could be bad about it? I have 3 motorcycles and 4 scooters. Maybe I need a moped too. I’m looking.

  • Andrew Kinsler

    Mopeds are great because they encourage you to have fun while going slow. If you can’t understand that you dont matter. Just stick to taking pictures of cats, fat chicks, and poorly lit meals on instagram.

    • Damo Von Maciel

      I can have fun while going slow on a whole slew of small displacement motorbikes too, but I can also run them on the highway. I couldn’t care less about mopeds because, for the most part, they share all the disadvantages of a motorbike with very few of the advantages (speed for instance). I am sure they are great inner city vehicles and all.

      • stever

        I couldn’t care less about what some old bore thinks about mopeds.

        • Damo Von Maciel

          Haha, I am probably younger than you. Ironic that you would call someone who DOESN’T like an extremely slow two wheeled vehicle a bore. Oddly enough when it comes to motorbike,s mopeds are pretty much the antithesis of excitement.

  • David Park

    Actually nice to see that whatever two wheeled beast one rides, the socially minded can find a group that fits the rider’s speed and style.

  • Tom Lee

    The Moped Army predates all this hipster/fixie bullshit by about 15 years. These guys got started in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the mid-90s. I went to Western Michigan University at about the same time these guys started riding all over town. As they graduated from Western, they moved all over the country and spread the love of peds. I think it’s alright that they ride these little under-powered mosquitoes – whatever floats their boat.