Listen to Jamie and I talk bikes on The Smoking Tire Podcast

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Our buddy Matt has a pretty popular Podcast called “The Smoking Tire.” One problem: it’s about cars. To fix that, Jamie and I went on and talked bikes. It’s going to be the silliest way to waste nearly two hours you’ll find this week.

It’s available here:

  • Kevin

    If you cut out the f-bombs it’s probably closer to 45 minutes.

  • Gregory Eaves

    “Me”, not “I”.

    You’re the object (“me”), not the subject (“I”).

    You’re correct that “Jamie & I went on…” because in that case you’re the subject of the sentence.

    The title should be, “Listen to Jamie & Me…”.

    At any rate, good talkin’. Nice radio show.


    • KeithB

      The easy trick is to remove the other persons name and see if the “me went to…” makes sense.
      If the language falls apart we are doomed :-)

      • Tommy Zipprian

        That was the most helpful thing I’ve read all week.

  • Patrick Garvin

    More of Wes and Jamie, less of the other two. When the host started talking about “nos” I tuned out.

  • Jim Neuner

    A podcast with the just the Ride Apart guys would be cool.

  • fred vg

    Are there any good motorcycle podcasts out there? Any tips are appreciated! If there aren’t any, Jamie should definitely start a Ride Apart one.