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“A place to face your fears, to wake up wet, cold, shivering and warm ourselves by a fire the next morning.” Wilderness Collective is a new tour guide company organizing unprecedented adventures for men. Their first trip? Sequoia to Yosemite off-road on dual-sports. A busted ass kept me from attending, but this video does a good job of making you feel like you were there.

  • Kidchampion

    This would be better with someone like Sean Connery or Tommy Lee Jones narrating. Given how often this company bandies about the terms “masculine” and “masculinity” I expect someone with more whiskey and smoke in the voice. I will not be attending the next expedition!

    • http://twitter.com/TheVeeTwin Damo Von Maciel

      I feel the same way, to a point.

      The riding and camping seemed cool…right up until the support truck showed up with all the amenities home. WTF? Not exactly roughing it, eh? I was waiting for the “challenging” part, but all I saw was dualsport parade through some nice landscapes.

      Would probably be fun, but just not my thing.

    • stever

      Ira Glass is a man, too. Maybe they chose an Ira Glass impersonator to make the point that manhood isn’t just for drunk old derelicts.

      Then again, maybe they chose an Ira Glass impersonator just to make their video really annoying.

      • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

        it’s the creator of the company.

        • Isambard

          At least he didn’t pay someone else to sound fey and humorless on his behalf! To be fair, his writing was so overwrought that even James Earl Jones’ voice couldn’t have saved it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tarquin.wilding Tarquin P. Wilding

    Oooh! So macho!

  • http://www.facebook.com/corey.cook.549221 Corey Cook

    Very very well produced with an obviously artistic bent, but there is a downside to that. Only one irrevocable conclusion can be had after watching, this a pretty rich boy adventure club. I would love join partake in all that “acquisision

    • Dustin Edwards

      Yeah $2500 is definitely for the Rich Boys. I hope they start a budget one…or maybe a competing group can start another one, bring your own bike sort of a deal. That would be nice, I’d consider joining that.

    • Kevin

      Ah, the nobility and moral elevation of poverty. May you never be sullied by money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.sagaci Jason Sagaci

    Forgot naked drum circle.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      No way, they just forgot the cameras during it.

  • Dustin Edwards

    Is the gear advertised on the site like an official uniform of these guys or something? Pretty cool gear and it’s kinda cool they’re all wearing the same thing, they might be plotting a takeover of the woods though! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      I think they’re doing an affiliate sales deal with the styling on the trip to promote it.

      • Dustin Edwards

        I see…the way it’s all set out, it just seems so gratuitous.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.tessier Joshua Tessier

    How do you get an invite to that ride? Looks pretty dam spectalur to me!

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Head to their website and sign up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/craymor Widirstky Matt

        and be prepared to pay up, “- $2,500 USD ($3,500 with bike rental)”

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redican.7 Paul Redican

    Oh man this is hilarious, do they get a ‘motorcyling badge’ to sew onto their boyscout uniforms. Urban lumberjacks play at going ‘Bush’ (as we say down here) but with camera crew and support van etc etc surely the whole point of getting on your bike and hitting the road is to have an adventure by yourself and take some responsibility for your own situation ie carry what you need on your bike.

    The Voice-over was so painfully earnest I had to turn the volume down.

    and they did it all WITHOUT cellphones! OMG no twiitter or facebook for a weekend


    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      But how great would it be if there really was a “Motorcycling” merit badge?

  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld Will Pierce

    I was going to leave a comment but I couldn’t decide how to make myself sound more manly than all the other manly commenters!

  • Beale

    BWHHHHAAA HHAAAAA! Seriously, the most unintentionally funny video I’ve seen in quite a while. “Who’s got the gin and tonics?” Oh jeez, now the sensitive guitar/singing crap. Will it end. This is just awful. People need to stop trying to romanticize things AS THEY DO THEM! Just freakin’ ride already.

    • Isambard

      I honestly couldn’t make it all the way through. It ends with a circle-jerk, right?

      • Kris

        If only it had started with the narrator being thrown off a cliff by the rest of the group, then there might have been some incentive to watch it to the end. I used to believe there was no such thing as a bad motorcycle video…

    • tobykeller


    • Jonathan Noble

      The Vimeo comments are not representative of people’s point of view of the video. Mine & other critical comments (I said it was pretentious rubbish) have been removed.

      I gave up on that video after about 2minutes in.

      • KeithB

        I made it to 3 minutes and gave up.

  • roma258

    Came here for the torrent of hate that was sure to flow. Not disappointed.

    As contrived as that was that was at times, it did make me wanna go ride and do some camping, can’t be all bad?

    • Dustin Edwards

      No I agree it’s not…and I want to like it. But I just can’t afford this program, I’ll go ride myself. Also come on the voice over guy just kept emphasizing “Men. Men. These are Men. This is what Men Do.” I couldn’t take it.

      • roma258

        Yeah, there’s a bit of cognitive dissonance going on throughout the video.
        Hmm this looks pretty cool
        Wait, are they wearing matching jackets?
        These roads look like fun
        Support van really?
        Man, some of these guys can really ride
        Catered food and gin and tonics, really?

        And so on…

    • thegreyman

      Ummm, well I guess they did succeed on doing that. I know also want to ride and go camping, and even do a lil hunting!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redican.7 Paul Redican

      It’s great Bikes and Camping what could be better just , But just do it yourself or with a mate or two. make your own fun, it’s ‘funner” ;)

    • tobykeller

      Made me want artichokes… mmmm

  • thegreyman

    “band of brothers” really?? How lame is this? How lame is it that “corporate warriors” need to pay for a service to take them biking and camping in California. I mean shoot -it aint like they are going to Africa or Mongolia I could understand a guided tour there. I rarely hate, I am really all about not hating. I appreciate all riders and all type of riding, but this my friends is lame. Sorry one last bit- whats up the cigars? You rode a bike on a trail in California!!! lol Woozers. If those guys want a real band of brothers I suggest they join the reserves or guard or better active duty like me!
    cheers all

  • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

    Dude, hot glue gun. You call yourself a boy scout?

    • Dustin Edwards

      I washed out of the boy scouts :’(

      • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

        And likely much cooler than me as a result.

        Eagle Scout > Order of the Arrow, Brotherhood > Troop Leader > Asst Scoutmaster > Dork.

        • irikumi@hotmail.com

          I guess I am a dork too… I am an Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, Asst. Scoutmaster… I guess thats probably why this video was so fail for me watching it…

          • Dustin Edwards

            No, you’re a dork cause you have a hotmail account :)

    • Tommy Erst

      If there is one thing I have learned in the 3 years I’ve worked in a woodshop, its that there isnt much you cant do with a hot glue gun.

  • Tommy Erst

    Terribly awful, and terribly awesome at the same time. Curious to see how the company works out. It’s an idea I’ve always wondered would work or not.

    I will say having rode into Yosemite with a group of dudes, a couple times now, man, when you first enter the park all as once, its definitely an incredible feeling. That place is magical.

  • Kevin

    It’s probably not my cup of tea, but I think those who are goofing on this wondering why they don’t just grab a few brohams and some Pabst and just *go*, the fact is that the motorcycles and forest don’t appear to be the point of the trip, they are the environment in which an experience is created with an on behalf of the men attending. It may not be for you. ‘Nuff said.

  • Nathan Wiley

    That’s the most homoerotic thing I’ve watched in several days.

    • George Roberts

      On 4chan /b/ a lot, are you?

      • Nathan Wiley

        4chan/b/ ? I don’t know this meme.

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.scharlinski Josh Scharlinski

    haha with the manly men part. Whats up with the hipsters, poetry, and artichoke spread?

  • http://twitter.com/JackNorton8064 Jack Norton

    So where do I buy one of those (presumably Icon) jackets?!

    • Tommy Erst

      Not icon. Go to the link for wilderness collective and there are links to most the stuff they wear in the video. Warning though, dont think there is any armor in the jacket.

      • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

        it’s an overcoat meant to have the separate gear worn underneath (as shown)

        • http://www.facebook.com/hellomynameis.adrien Hellomynameis Adrien

          So how was it? Did you get to go? anybody from HFL get to check it out or invited? Cool in concept and execution looks great for the pricepoint. Narration is terrible, but oh well – they can fix that.

          • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

            Nope, none of us went. I am friends with some of the guys who went and they all had a blast. I think we’re gonna try and copy their route or do a similar one for my birthday in a month or so. there’s nothing quite like riding into yosemite.

            The narration isnt great but it’s actually fairly fitting the the audience that will be signing up for these trips.

            i think it’s an awesome idea for a company. theyre also doing a triptracing the Iditarod dog sled route on snowmobiles, sailing and surfing the channel islands on catamaran sailboats, and 2 week colombian motorcycle trips.

            • Dustin Edwards

              Are they manly men now that tell men stories and do manly men things? I keep seeing you defending this video, come on you can’t honestly think the voice over was well done can you?

              • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

                Now, I don’t. Nor did I say I did. I said I think it’s catered to the Zynga programmers and IBM accountants and Google programmers that it is selling the idea of adventure to.

          • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

            my defense of this post isn’t because i know the guys, i just hate seeing our comments section turn into youtube’s as soon as something isnt manly enough or someone’s body position isnt perfect or someone is too hipster or squidlike or whatever

        • Tommy Erst

          I realize that. Just letting the guy above know. Since he thought it was Icon, I was asuming he was expecting it to be a moto jacket, no an overcoat.

      • http://twitter.com/JackNorton8064 Jack Norton

        Thanks for the heads up. Bit of a shame – that’d be a damn good commuting jackeet otherwise

  • RT Moto

    Meh. Video made me want to go ride and camp. The support truck/gin and tonics/craft beers?/cigars killed it though. There is nothing better than winging a trip the weekend prior, camping along the way, straight riding through some amazing roads, and topped off with a bottle of whatever near a campfire while camping. Man I need a new adventure.

  • Matthew Mason

    “it wasn’t about who was fastest or slowest or who had the best gear…”
    they all had exactly the same gear lol.

    • Andrew Kinsler

      well-actually that one dude had a bitchin ktm with the baja light. his gear was the best by far.

  • irikumi@hotmail.com

    Posers… lighting a fire with a propane torch, among other things is just fail… and
    camping gear brought by truck… fail

  • karlInSanDiego

    Tough crowd. Of course the moment you see the support truck and catered food you go, “what?” but then you remember it’s a tour. If they didn’t do that, there’d be little point of the tour. Now deflate your nuts for a moment and remember there are a lot of people out there who get introduced to things like adventure touring through a friend who helps get them started. But for the other folks who wanna try it (or maybe a guy who’s wife buys him the tour because he won’t stop talking about Charlie Boorman) it’s way to decide what you like and don’t like about a 3 day motorcycle trip before you go buy a $18k GS (plus another $2k in gear and camping equip) and then hate the first day you have to rewear your underwear. I’m sure it’s a work in progress, but they can’t make it a service if they don’t include some amenities, right? No, I won’t be going, and the video is pretty schlock, but it’s kinda lame to call out those getting their feet wet.

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      glad someone on here finally gets it.

      • adam

        I only made it about 3 minutes in before I had to stop. I gave it a second try with the sound turned off. It was much better that way. It turned into a pretty good video as soon as that narrators voice was gone and my own soundtrack was added.

        I admire just about everything these guys are trying to do; start a business that pays you to do all the fun stuff you would be doing anyway, go to awesome places, make new friends, introduce people to motorcycles and the outdoors, get cool gear for free. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. I wish them nothing but the best. But their marketing and way they pitch it is just lame. Also, I get the whole “men only” vibe, but I don’t think eliminating 50% of the population from your sales pitch is a good marketing strategy. I’ve been on tons of “wilderness adventure” trips, with and without women in the mix. It’s always better with women. I love hanging out with women.

        • el_jefe

          Best comment yet.

    • thegreyman

      If the someone’s intent was to go on this tour before paying big money for a GS/Tiger/ or other dual sport plus all the gear. Then I would say ok that makes sense. I do not the idea is so bad- but the narration of the videos, the guys voice making this sound like a some sort capstone event a manhood- that is what makes this lame.

  • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

    I’m actually surprised there is this much hate for this video. it’s a new company looking to take guys who have the means but don’t have the tools, experience, or knowledge and give them a glimpse of the experiences we all love. it’s for people who don’t have the bike or the gear, of course they have gear sponsorships. it’s for guys who don’t have the skills or endurance you have, of course there’s a chase truck. you’re mad that they included some mixers and some lime with their alcohol?

    I get it. you’ve done a similar trip with less gear and are far manlier. no one is questioning how tough you are or saying this is the pinnacle of manliness. this trip and this route look awesome and would give any rich stiff a nice dose of how awesome you get to be all the time. i think part of manliness is not having to prove how tough you are by forgoing all creature comforts and luxuries.

    • el_jefe

      I think the hate comes from the “curated” nature of the trip. (to borrow a hipster term that I absolutely abhor) It’s like the guys at Uncrate.com carefully selected all the finest kit, “artisian” such and such, titanium this and Goretex that, and carefully cradled these “men” through some perfectly laid out faux adventure. (Oh and how convenient, a link to buy all this crap!) If we didn’t have dudes everywhere pretending to be manly by wearing flannel, growing beards, and playing with axes while living dull boring lives in cities, we wouldn’t need pre-packaged adventure to somehow reassure them that they are indeed manly.

      But yeah, I see your point. This is a long and overwrought attempt to communicate what any man (or woman for that matter) who has every been backpacking/adventure riding/camping/etc already knows.

      • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

        I guess there is just this underlying issue, and not just with the comments on here but just in general, that it’s not ok for men to like clothes that aren’t from walmart, food that isn’t from dominoes, and beer that doesn’t come from a silver or blue can. That it’s always “hipster” for a guy to like a craft beer or nice cocktail or enjoy a roast trout while camping instead of a hot dog. Or why it’s assumed that every dude with a beard wearing a flannel is trying to assert some kind of manliness. Who cares? It just a matter of taste.

        the guy could have bought all the gear with his own money and if he had, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as Uncrate worthy, but getting companies to sponsor it and give him better gear is just good business.

        and playing with axes is fun no matter how manly or girly you are.

        • el_jefe

          I’m not saying it’s not ok to like these things. Personally, I love good bear, whiskey, plaid, and axes. And I love camping, and obviously, riding motorcycles. Because all of those things are awesome. I’m just pointing out that this service is tailored to folks who see this stuff purely as fashion (whether they realize it or not) and have never actually experienced anything approaching adventure.

          I see your point, that getting people interested in adv riding or camping or what have you is nothing but good. But I’m just trying to express where the hate comes from. It’s from the sense that if you have to try this hard to get it, you never will.

          • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

            you make a great point. I guess it’s the same as people who hate fairweather fans who fail to realize that they are great for your sport and team.
            I didn’t see this video as trying to be the opitome of manliness or anything outside of a well shot video promoting a cool idea for a company that will further promote motorcycling on what looked like a neat route I need to get on this year.

        • Ben Wipperman

          To be fair, there is a huge space to be occupied between Wal-Mart wear and jeggings. Axes are universally awesome, though.

        • Isambard

          Good taste in clothes and food doesn’t excuse the pretentious voice over. Plenty of folks have pointed out how much better the video would be without sound. But once heard, it cannot be unheard. It deserves to be mocked.

    • stever

      Paying big money to not have to think about anything and get fed good food is one thing, but I do resent the sales pitch. I don’t like that I am in this cohort that can be sold things this way. It’s the man equivalent of all those car ads that use asthmatic-voiced ukulele-plucking girls singing about knitting scarves and Priuses.

      But you know what, fuck it. Disney has convinced America that its parks are childhood. If these guys can make a bunch of money by telling youngish men that this is a great way to make friends once you’re not in school anymore and think “urban” kickball leagues are stupid, good on them! I really do hope they are successful. All I have to do is not watch their ads.

      • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald


      • tobykeller

        This ^

    • Tommy Erst

      I get who it i for, and what it is for,BUT I dont believe the style of video made is going to attract the people who would actually spend the money on it. By creating an artsy, good looking video like this, you are going to attract two types of people Kids on tumblr that want to pretend they are cool are pretend to be big bad motorcyclists, but they wouldnt have the money to actually go, and dudes like a lot of us that read this site, that know way better, so those people are gonna laugh at it.

      I think it’s a great idea. Its actually an idea I have had for years, but wouldnt have the balls to carry out. I think its a well made, good looking video, and the trip itself looks fun. I also think if you make something like this, you gotta expect to get laughed at a little bit. If you dont you take yourself way too seriously. That said I would have loved to be along for the ride.

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    Not my cuppa, mostly due to the curated feel of it all, but it does make me want to pack up my CBR and go camping with like minded folks in the spring. I’d go if it was gifted to me.

  • JZ

    Wilderness is an ironically terrible name to associate with dual-sporting or the majority of any public (or in this case, commercial) access to public lands. Wilderness designation (with a capital W) locks land away from the public that choose to enjoy it with or via mechanized recreation (bicycles, carts, motorcycles, etc.). It’s up to organizations like Wilderness Collective to be stewards of the land they use and to keep more areas open to this form of recreation so they can have somewhere to show clients the joy of dual-sporting. Wilderness is good, right? Well…

  • Paco Goebel

    So, no girls allowed? Bummer.

  • Bill

    You guys are just flipping jealous. IMO, only one thing missing that would make this a perfect ride. A BJ from a BIG fat biker chick each night! lol…

    • Rob

      this comment should not have been allowed by the moderator. misogyny shouldn’t be tolerated.

    • Paul McM

      I think that, among the crowd featured in this video, the beejay would be welcome, but not the chicks. All that dialog about “manly men doing all-male man stuff to enhance their masculinity with other men” — are you getting the message here? It’s not subtle. This is about trips for “men who love other men”. Literally.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tmobile.newark TMobile Newark

    Burn! lmao

  • Scott Jameson

    Nice commercial, quite manly & meaty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.jones.56481 Jordan Jones

    I’ll admit, I rolled my eyes a few times through out the video, but the more I thought about it, on the other end of the spectrum how is this any worse than watching a pro race? You’ve got a bunch of freaks of nature who probably arrived at the track in a motor home with talent that most of us will never relate to and we’re forced to embrace a bunch of hokey advertising. All that’s really lacking from this trail ride is that secret man crush you have for your favorite racer. For a more affordable package, I would probably enjoy something like this if I had a bad track day and was trying to recover from a lapse in confidence. Granted, I’d have to tune out the indie music with some Swedish heavy metal…

  • Kr Tong

    Bunch of well off gentlemen-scholar types palling around in matching uniforms… eating and drinking artisinal food and booze… all while being filmed in perfect choreography. If I was gay my life would be too easy.


    OK the no woman thing is BS. The narrative is less than spectacular and very dry but Are you guys serious? I mean for hardcore riders it’s not worth the $$ but assuming you were Joe Millionaire, You wouldn’t take this trip? Say it cost no $$, You wouldn’t rather have all your stuff carted for you, wined and dined, nice sleeping pad instead of the ground? I’ve done my fair share of multi-day trips and I can definitely say I like the ones that end in a good meal and a comfortable place to sleep over the “soaking rain can’t start a fire so I can’t eat anything hot” endings.

    These guys found a way to make money doing something they love, and it’s not at any cost to anyone who isn’t willing to pay for it.

  • Manly

    Why is this site so snobby?

  • KeithB

    Another episode of This American Life?

  • http://www.facebook.com/SashaPave Sasha Pave

    Oh man putting this up on HFL is almost as dangerous as putting it up on ADVRider.

    I admire what they’re out to do, but this is certainly “buying” the adventure as opposed to making it. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the urban guy with some cash to spend and doesn’t have a 690e or KLR in the garage with soft bags and camping gear.

    The world is big enough to buy adventure and if a few of these guys later go on to buy adv bikes and create their own adventures, that’s wonderful.

    But my admiration goes to the Helge Pedersens of the world. Adventure is the goal, glory is personal.

  • taba

    “It’s almost as if the Wild was designed as a proving ground for men.”


    Those of us who can afford this tend to believe Work is a proving ground for men. I really like the idea, but you’ve got to sell it as entertainment/reward for winning, not as validation/compensation for losing.

  • Justin Turner

    Is there a version of this where they take broke dudes out for a nice meal and then a yacht party? Let them drive vehicles with A/C and yell at an assistant? Give them a cell phone with Emma Stone’s old phone number in it?

    The Penthouse Cooperative.

  • RollWiddit

    I’m guessin’ these “guys” all replied to this ad.