Riding Out The Storm

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Photo Credit: greenfr0g

Every december, the rainy season begins in Jakarta and the torrential downpours are begin to cause flooding. With flood waters rising over river banks and flood gates, water quickly spills into the streets, clogging and stopping traffic. This year, Jakarta has seen the worst flooding in ten years and the city is in a state of emergency, with flood waters reaching 10 meters in some places. However, that hasn’t stopped these motorcycles from traveling. As you can see from these pictures, Jakarta’s riders are braving the storm.

A women and a child riding. How high is the air intake on one of these little Hondas?!

A man walking his motorcycle in the floods.

A duo falling off their scooter in the floods.

  • GTian

    my favorite from last year’s floods in thailand:


    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.joshua.silverman Daniel Silverman

      I saw that while writing up this article and that’s ingenius!

    • Michael Uhlarik

      Honda : The Power of Dreams

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    Pictures like this is why I wanna puke when I hear a sunny-day Harley rider bragging about how his 5 year old 25-grand Harley only has 4000 miles on it.

  • Oleg

    Things like this always put our western concept of adventure riding in perspective. We pay tens of thousands of dollars to outfit already expensive bikes to do stuff locals accomplish every day on old budget 250s.

    I realize its not too fair of a comparison but still nice perspectives.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.sagaci Jason Sagaci

    Do the bikes have a snorkel?

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.joshua.silverman Daniel Silverman

      You can’t tell from these photos, but it appears that they do.