The best photos from Dakar stages 4-8

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Jakub Przygonski - Action

Stages 4 through 8 see the Dakar move out of the sandy deserts of southern Peru an into the rocky mountains, the valleys filled with loose “fesh fesh” and the high speed, gravel-covered plateaus of the Andes, crossing over into Argentina in the process. Here’s the best photos from the last four days.

Photos: Marcelo Maragni

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  • owen

    While these may not get commented on with the same regularity or enthusiasm, I love the Dakar and appreciate your coverage.

  • Damien Gaudet

    I’m going to use the word, “Epic” here, and actually have it mean something.

  • Mad Duck

    Another amazing “reality show” that gets overlooked by mainstream media in the USA. :( Probably since it cannot be manipulated.

  • Beale

    There’s a thread in the racing section of advrider that follows the Dakar minute by minute from various tracking sources. That’s how I spend my mornings for the first few weeks of January every year. Lots of great info and insight.