The One Show returns to Portland

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Portland’s The One Motorcycle Show embraces the personal, the creative and the grass roots. The idea is simple: a bunch of weirdos cobble together what they feel is the perfect “One” motorcycle. The one that can do everything they want it to do. Then, they turns up with rickety choppers, pipe-wrapped cafe racers, old two-stroke race bikes and pretty much anything with two wheels that anyone ever thought was neat and everyone parties. It’s the highlight of our annual non-riding motorcycle event calendar and it should be yours too.

Where: Sandbox Studios, 420 NE 9th Ave, Portland, OR

When: Feb 8, 9, 10, 2013

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  • metaknowledge

    The video reminds me of my working on my friend’s ’83 GS450e. What an albatross that bike is.

  • Ricardo Gozinya

    I don’t know, the bikes featured on their blog strike me as way too much like stuff from OCC, just without the craftsmanship. Masking the uselessness of their bikes with a ratty aesthetic.

    • Jon Bekefy

      I dunno… the builder list is more like a master list. What is OCC about any of the builds from Shinya, Max or Deus?

      • Erica Price

        Jon you actually coming this year? Been too long!

  • Earl Grist

    I’m coming in from Sacramento to see this show–looks like a lot of fun–hope to get ideas for my build

  • Jordan Jones

    I wish whenever I’m out in the shed, breaking and fixing and breaking again stuff on my bikes, I heard these rad riffs. Probably make things more bearable.