Triumph Tiger Sport: a refreshed 1050

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Triumph Tiger 800, Triumph Tiger Explorer and now, Triumph Tiger Sport. Three very different motorcycles with three different engine capacities: 800, 1200 and 1050. The 1050′s always been more of a practical roadster than an a true adventure bike and this new “Sport” model pushes it even further in that direction by adding 10bhp and fitting a single-sided swingarm.

Looks wise, the Sport is very similar to the Tiger 1050 it replaces. There’s a new belly pan and side panels, plus reflector headlamps, which are claimed to be both lighter and brighter than the outgoing projectors.

The archetypal inline-three now makes 123bhp and 77lb/ft thanks to revised inlet and exhaust plumbing, while more refined fuel injection boosts fuel economy seven percent.

A new subframe lowers both the rider and pillion seats, while making the former slimmer. That single-sided swingarm (not the same fitted to the Speed Triple) makes room for larger panniers by allowing the exhaust to tuck in tighter.

Suspension angles get a hair steeper while the wheelbase grows a tiny amount, changes that should speed steering while improving stability. The fully-adjustable shock and USD forks also get revised spring and damping rates. Radially mounted brake calipers are actuated by an all-new, more seamless ABS system for faster stopping.

All together, this host of minor changes should make an already fun, practical, fast all-rounder even better. If you’re looking for a high-value bike that can commute, tour (even two-up) and scratch, the Tiger Sport will do all that with a unique three-cylinder character.

  • Kevin

    Easily the best looking of the fauxventure bikes.

    • orthorim

      except it doesn’t pretend to be an adventure bike…

  • Marc Fenigstein

    This was always a great bike… the OG multistrada 1200 at a way cheaper price. It only fell short with funky (super soft) forks, and an (IMO) ugly swingarm. Nice to see Triumph finally put some well-prioritized development back into it.

  • scott correy

    So any word on if this will be available in the United States? I heard a rumor otherwise and am hoping it’s just a rumor…

    • scott correy

      So according to Triumph USA, ‘Currently, no plans for sale in the U.S.’

  • Nathan Wiley

    Looks like a nice update of an already awesome machine. Bikes like this, the Multistrada, KTM 990 SMT, Versys 1000, etc, make excellent all ’round motorcycles. Commute, scratch, tour, they do everything well and comfortably. I hope they bring the 1050 back to the states, but I have my doubts seeing how in fashion “serious” adventure bikes are. There is probably already a thread on Adventure Rider discussing how undirtworthy the 1050 is. Some people just don’t understand this in between segment.

    • orthorim

      the problem is having to label everything. this is a great bike. that will do near anything. it’s not a sport bike and not an adventure bike. does it need a label? a friend of mine called the segment sport touring, i suppose that puts it best.

      • AHA

        How about ‘tall-rounders’? isn’t ‘sport tourer’ still in use for fully faired bikes with sports bike geometry but higher bars, wider seats and bigger fuel tanks? Usually with ST in the model name.

  • nieuwsmotor

    video of unveiling of the Tiger Sport @ Brussels Motorshow here: