The ultimate biker proposal

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Update: Yahoo News reports that the police in California are deciding whether or not to file felony charges the motorcyclist who stopped traffic on the I10 to propose to his girlfriend last Sunday. The California Highway Patrol has started an investigation on the incident and felony charges for impeding traffic could be filed against the motorcyclist as a result.

How do you propose to your girlfriend as a biker? Here’s how one biker did it:
- He invited all of his biker friends on group ride
- Mid-ride they stopped traffic on the 10 in Los Angeles
- The group started many burnouts, wheelies, stoppies and engine revving
- He got on one knee and proposed

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As you can see from the second video, she absolutely had no clue what was going to happen and then there was a sudden proposal. We think that was a “yes.”

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  • Daniel Silverman

    Love it.

  • Ben Wipperman

    “And I promise to be this inconsiderate as long as we both shall live.”

  • Troy Rank

    Lets hope they don’t breed.

  • Emmet

    I wonder how bad a traffic jam a stop like that would cause?

    • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

      The 10 is a parking lot anyway. I’d be willing to bet that anyone past the first 10 rows of cars just figured it was normal traffic.

      • Low Aaron
        I think this is a common thing in California, lane splitting be damned the best way to relieve congestion is to take away these guys licenses.

      • Robotribe

        Sad, but true.

        As for the squid patrol, “stupid” isn’t exclusive to their generation. I shudder to think of the stupid crap I did before I was too old to realize there were lasting consequences.

        (Damn. I’m old.)

  • Isambard

    I’d totally watch a reality TV show where the “Wilderness Collective” test their manliness against this crowd.

    • thegreyman

      Now that’s funny!

  • Michael Howard

    “… she was absolutely had no clue…”. I really wish someone would proofread the stuff on here before it’s published (unless the intent is to keep the site looking amateurish). Spellcheck is not a proofreader.

  • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

    Does anyone happen to know what club he’s with? I’m not familiar with the logo. Looks like there might be multiple clubs in the crowd, I wonder if there’s anyone I know.

    • Wes Siler

      “710 Bikerz” according to the YouTube caption.

    • T Diver

      It is called the Unity Ride. It’s an event/ride where all clubs (there are multiple clubs present) can come out for a ride. Anyone with a bike is welcome. At the start of this event there were close to 1000 bikes. The dude proposing is the President of 710. They also do a big charity canned food drive at this event. It was this last Sunday.

      • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

        Cool, I’m all for clubs getting along and hanging out. I used to be part of an OC club, there’s a good chance some of the folks I knew were on that ride.

  • nightscout13

    Facken stupid…. I wish some of these idiots would have gotten ran over for stopping traffic like that. These asswipes give us serious riders a bad rep.

  • Nathan Wiley

    And once again motorcyclists come across looking like assholes….thanks mouth breathers.

  • Garrett Nelson

    Thats the only way this guy will ever get a knee down.

    • Mike


    • hoyt

      I doubt he knows the context of your comment. Classy guy…slab of highway, rev limiter sounds, burnt rubber….I bet she loved the romance!

  • Philip Heung

    Imagine how bad-ass they’d all (dy’all?) be if there were on Brammos, Zeros, and BRDs… XD

  • socalutilityrider

    Why aren’t any of them wearing real gear?

    • Ben Wipperman

      Ultimate bikers don’t need gear because ultimate bikers are immortal.

  • Khali

    Wish I had so many biker friends, I normally struggle to get people to ride with every weekend :P

  • el_jefe

    Don’t know which is more annoying, bikerz stopping traffic, or vertical iPhone movie.

  • roma258

    This is why us motorcyclists can’t have nice things.

  • Aaron Newton

    Gixxer, Gixxer, Gixxer, Gixxer, ZX-14, Gixxer, Gixxer……….

    • George Roberts

      Well, where do you think all the bikes go when they’re sold with zero APR?

  • sean macdonald

    that sound of the engine bouncing off the rev limiter is like nails on a chalk board.

  • jasinner

    While I think there is something romantic about being willing to do something like this for love, other people be damned, I seem to remember stunts such as this making life rather inconvenient for Texas riders for a while.

  • Ganesh Bell

    I am ok with whatever stunt the guy wants .. but it stupid to do it on a freeway stopping traffic – helps our image a lot.. thanks idiot. he could have done this in a parking lot. i cant believe they didn’t get arrested for this – he can still be arrested.. here is proof LAPD

  • Jason Sagaci

    Why are all these ‘bikers’ like really overweight? Don’t these guys know every 7 pounds is like 1 HP? Never heard ‘Add Lightness’

  • Guest

    That’s the kind of judgement to look for from your future asshair husband. Fuck you

  • Sid

    That’s the kind of judgement to look for from your future asshair husband

  • george

    You’re so whiny. So traffic was stopped for a few minutes. No harm done. This was hysterical. Why are we all so adverse to bad behavior? Bad behavior, with some limits, is fun. You’re a bunch of killjoys, and you’re destroying our country because you too scared to have fun.

    • thumper702

      Shutting-down a freeway isn’t fun, it’s irresponsible. And we’re destroying our county because we’re too scared to have fun? I guess you’re right–I’m gonna go knock-over a liquor store! Grow up George, time to start acting like an adult.

    • roma258

      Track days are fun, ripping up twisties at extralegal speeds is fun, shoot I’m sure burnouts and popping wheelies in some random parking lot is someone’s idea of fun. But when your idea of fun disrupts the lives of hundreds of people for no good or justifiable reason and makes all motorcyclists look like inconsiderate douches to the general public, that’s not fun, that’s asshattery.

    • Isambard

      Seriously. So many prigs. SO LITTLE ROMANCE! Let the fat guy, his bride to be and his buddies enjoy their special moment.

    • Isambard

      Seriously. So many prigs. SO LITTLE ROMANCE! Let the fat guy, his bride to be and their buddies enjoy their special moment.

  • Wes Siler
  • Dave Hargreaves
  • ducman916