Aerostich comes to San Francisco

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Is there any place with more Roadcrafters-per-capita than The Bay Area? Minnesota-based Aerostich is headed there next month with a temporary, pop up location. You’ll be able to try on all their gear, including the new “Tactical” ‘Crafter, which has all the same options as the one I wear.

Where: 655 Bryant Street, San Francisco
When: March 16-24, 10am to 8pm

  • Ceol Mor

    I’ll be there. Not likely to make it to Duluth anytime in the near future, so this is a great boon for Northern California riders.

  • scottdc

    Tempting to ride down from Portland to get fitted as my current Roadcrafter is a bit big on me…

  • Rob

    Taking the suits to the riders is a great idea. Gitcher Stich on!

  • Sasha Pave

    This is such great news. Come on Mr. Goldfine! I bet you could run a very successful physical store here in SF.

    • Stuki

      With a physical store, they would definitely start having to charge sales taxes on all CA orders. Even mail orders from Minnesota.

      For all I know, they may have been bullied into doing it anyway, like Amazon and some others. If not, having the Sacramento mafia wantonly add 10% to the price of every purchase is probably not worth the added sales from a physical SF store.

      Put one in Reno. It’s motorcycle heaven, a quick ride from SF, and much less of a problem taxwise. Or, perhaps, start allowing dealers to carry their stuff.

      • Sasha Pave

        While I agree that Nevada is/will be the last free state in our union, I consider the bay area the true mecca of street and adventure bikes in the US. At least we can ride all year and split lanes :)

        • Stuki

          I lived there (SF) for 5 years. It’s a good gateway to wonderful riding to the North and east, that’s for sure. The BA itself, is just another bloody gridlock. I actually sold my bike and went bicycle + BART/MUNI only when I lived in the city.

          Until I found this site a week or so ago, I wasn’t even aware there weer states you couldn’t lane split in. It never even struck me, that there are people on earth SOOOOO hopeless, that they would com up with idiotic laws against even that. I wonder how hard they are enforced, though. I have split lanes in at least 20 states over the years, without ever thinking about it, nor being harassed/ticketed over it.

          Heck, I used to ride up to Montana back in the 90s, during the “free speed” era up there. 150mph on 2 lanes OK, but splitting gridlock at 10mph is somehow ‘unsafe”? And I thought I had a dim view of my fellow man before learning this……..

  • socalutilityrider

    Called them today to get more info; I am seriously considering flying up there for this.

    • Stuki

      Flying? Not riding? :)

      • Sasha Pave

        He might live in Tuktoyaktuk and I’m not sure how much longer the ice road is open :)

        • Stuki


          • socalutilityrider

            Ha ha, funny guys…a trip up there on the ‘Strom is in the works, but my time is so limited right now. Easier to just do an overnight in SF and knock it out. I have family in MN, so I was actually considering flying to MN, renting a car, and driving up to Duluth to get fitted and then visit the fam down south. This SF thing is a bit easier. I know this all sounds a little crazy, but everyone I’ve talked to says their Roadcrafter lasts ten years plus and I’m not anywhere near an off the rack size so a perfect fitting suit is worth the hassle!

  • HammerheadFistpunch

    Hrm. Little chance of getting them to fix a couple things on my 9yr old Darien on-the-spot, but I should at least stop by.
    It should be quite a scene on the weekend – I can see the queue of BMWs now..

    • Sasha Pave

      They should bring a couple of their talented seamstresses along for the tour!

  • Mark Desrosiers

    I almost don’t want to go because I’ll immediately regret buying my severely “meh” Olympia 1-piece a few months ago. The price was right, and I’m an off-the-rack size, but the Roadcrafter is a true quality piece of kit.