Behind the scenes of the Amarok P1

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Making 80bhp and weighing less than 330lbs, the Halifax-made Amarok P1 takes a totally different approach to to other electric racers. Designed by HFL contributor and general clever person Michael Uhlarik, the P1 is all about handling. Here’s a look at its development.

  • Hugo

    Go Mich!

  • Steven Waugh

    I meet Michael @ the 2013 Halifax Motorcycle show, guy has tons of energy and you can tell he is ready to take on the big boys of the EV world! Very excited to see it on the same trax as Rossi ! (not at the same time of coarse)

  • Guest

    I meet Michael at the 2013 Halifax motorcycle show, dewd has tons of energy and is really excited to take it to the big guys!

  • Troy Rank

    Gorgeous. I’m very interested to see how the twin-agni will stand the test of time on the ttx.

  • KeithB

    I’m very keen to see where this goes.
    He should consider crowd source funding.

    Oh Canada :)

  • roma258

    Sweet, can’t wait to see these guys on the track.

  • Nick K


    Bike looks awesome.

  • FreeFrog

    Looks VERY promising if it lives up to the video hype.

  • Emmet

    I’m rooting for these guys.

  • Kr Tong

    Mike is too fucking smart. This is absolutely beautiful.

  • Campisi

    Why did they spell “emissions” with two “M”s?

  • William Mitchell

    I love this attitude… This is how we design and build better things. Summarised beautifully at the end!

  • Markkit

    Although I admire the entrepreneurial spirit very much and understand the huge challenges, but I’m afraid that the P1 sits in no man’s land. It does not have the crafted flavour of many hand built motorcycles and neither the technological magic of other electric bikes. As such it doesn’t stand out much and I’m sure it will be expensive. Maybe the designer could consider using more of the old world construction like rivets externally as an aesthetic cue which speaks to the philosophy of the bike. The form language shown in the video appears very ordinary. As for nature/natural balance philosophy, sorry but it seems like fluff to me.

  • Markkit

    So its not a commercial vehicle, but an electric race bike with a monocoque chassis. In which case my aesthetic critique between a mouthful of pasta and another goes straight out the window. Still I feel compelled to add something from my cynical perspective. I’m surprised that the power to weight ratio theory hasn’t already been pursued by other TTXGP teams that have so far seemed very technical and scientific. I wonder if the monocoque chassis won’t be too stiff, we’re talking about a bike not a car. Best of luck Amarok, I hope you will prove me wrong.

  • John Ashman

    Okay, that was the greatest collection of talking points, philosophical meanderings and nifty sayings I’ve ever seen in one advertorial, but WHAT? What did they do differently? Make the bike lighter. What else? These guys should run for President in 2016.

  • yipY

    They go on about light weight and focused minimal design,then they mention “600 rivets”:Why isn’t the chassis glued together? Why has an electric bike got a “gas tank”? I can do without the arty shots and “Balance BS”.”Design” can be the last refuge of the waffling idiot.

    • Aaron Trent

      The gas tank is for your knees, my guess at least. Have you ever tried to lean a moped over? It feels completely wrong.

      • yipY

        Not having a tank never stopped Lance Armstrong leaning his bike on a fast decent at sixty miles an hour.The same principle applies.

        • Aaron Trent

          The ability to lock out and weight the outside leg on a bicycle eliminates the need for somewhere to put your knee, no one rides a moto with the outside leg at full lock because you can’t. There’s no crankarm like there is on a bicycle.

  • Jesse

    I theoretically love everything about this. Go Michael & Go Amarok!