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Here, Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher visits Bloomberg TV in New York to chat enthusiastically about the new Empulse. The single best thing about Brammo is just how much its execs and staff are excited about what they’re doing, something that really comes across in this video.

  • Charlie

    I ordered an Enertia plus years ago. A pre-order. I have heard nothing. Will they ever communicate with customers let alone sell products? I’m on the East coast – that could be the problem. I spoke to a nice women when I inquired but she simply had no idea when bikes would be available. Love the enthusiasm and development – but my daughters are using all my cars and I need something to ride

    • Richard Dort

      Enertia+s have been and are being delivered in Europe, and the first shipment from Hungary (where they are made) was supposed to have hit US shores mid January. The first Empulses to hit the east coast were just deliverer to a dealer in Florida, with another shipment due in 2 weeks. So, it looks like the east coast is the last to get bikes. Good news maybe that the demand for the Enertia+ seems to be much lower in the US than the Empulse. Try hanging out on the if you aren’t already. Good place to get news like that.

  • Charlie

    Props to Brammo for following up with me on my pre-order. Wes, I will never underestimate the power of HFL again. Thanks to Brammo for the communication. I know the empulse is getting all the attention but I needed a commuter

    • Wes Siler

      Glad to hear that worked out.

    • protomech

      Guessing you’ve gotten an update but supposedly Enertia+ bikes are shipping over to the US from Hungary where they’re assembled. They should be going out to dealers very soon if not already.

  • Mister X

    I went to the International Motorcycle Show to ride Electric bikes, yet none were there to be ridden or even seen. Some of us who like being on 2 wheels feel that the power plant isn’t all that important, riding is, and after 15 gasoline powered street bikes, I wanted to try out an Electric.

  • Troy Rank

    Easily the best looking electric motorcycle.It will be interesting to see how the transmission pans out.