Honda CTX700: An Addition to the Honda Family

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For 2014, Honda motorcycles is adding a new series to the family: the CTX. CTX stands for Comfort, Technology and eXperience – these motorcycles have been engineered and designed to be tailored for the rider. Honda says they are “focusing on class-leading comfort, easy-to-operate features and versatility.” The CTX motorcycles will have the same engine as the NC700X, the 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin, and it will have the same ride ability as the NC700X.

The CTX is available out in two models – the CTX700N and the CTX700, a naked version and a touring version.

The Naked CTX700N.

THe CTX700N/CTX700ND is naked version of the CTX series and is available with Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS. The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) has a full automatic transmission mode or a manual transmission mode by the paddle shift buttons on the handlebars. The CTX700N It’s designed for new motorcyclists, with a low seat height of 28.3 inches, flowing low-end and midrange torque, and a six speed transmission. Just like the NC700X, the tank is actually a glove box and features a storage area. The CTX700D MSRPs at $6999 and $7999 for the DCT/ABS model.

The Touring CTX700.

The CTX700/CTX700D is the full fairing version that is also available with Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS. It’s designed for long rides with its aerodynamic fairing and windscreen. It has all the capabilities as its sister, the CTX700 – full automatic/manual transmission, low seat height and center of gravity, and a six-speed transmission. It also features the same storage area under the tank. It MSRP’s at $7799 and $8799 for the DCT/ABS model.

Both versions of the CTX700 will be available Spring 2013.

The Instrument Panel.

  • Juho Nieminen

    Kudos for Honda for boldly trying new things, but their design team is the worst in the business. Those things are just plain horrible.

    • datimmerman

      I actually like them a lot. The design is very restrained and minimalistic.

      This might be the bike that replaces my old 1 cylinder F650CS.

      • Paul

        You’ve got unusual tastes in motorcycles.

        • datimmerman

          Having unusual taste seems to be the story of my life…

      • the antagonist

        The touring model looks like a bargain basement Diavel. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s not ugly either. Regardless, it’s price and practicality are the real selling points. It’d make a great commuter or budget tourer.

    • contender

      Not only hideous, but look how far forward those foot rests are.

  • ookla_the_mok

    IMO Honda is showing more inventiveness than most other brands lately.
    Even if one doesn’t like all their newer models – it is hard to deny that they are thinking differently.

    • BryonCLewis

      I agree, between the NC700x, the new 500s and the F6B honda is starting to do some interesting things. Wish the same could be said about their cars.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        really?? Honda is becoming the Toyota of the motorcycle world, sure it will get the job done, and reliable im sure, but bland and watered down, meh….

        • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

          I dunno man, bland watered down motorcycle beats “driving a commuter car” most of the time. Even if you’re not shifting via traditional methods you still get to lean and be “in the wind”.

          • Jonathan Berndt

            when i get on a motorcycle i could care less about mileage. i want to look forward to riding it the night before, i want to anticipate it, be excited before i open the door. why cant i have both. hire some decent designers for cryin out loud…

        • Alex Yum

          You obviously haven’t ridden a 2012 Fireblade lately. Nor a CRF450, CBR600, or even their CB1100… Boring? Bland? I suggest you go take them for a ride and see if you come back with a smile or if you’ve fallen asleep

          • Jonathan Berndt

            yep boring and bland. Honda used to be about cutting edge. all theyve done to the CBR line is subtle changes. i realize the market has shifted, but what i liked about Honda has been dead for years now. my buddy and i have been waiting for at least 5 years for them to come out with a HP model that stirs our soul. we had high hopes for the VFR which looks great on paper but turned out to be a porker of a bike that was just as bland looking as this. just like Toyota, they make reliable cars all right but they look so, well, meh… no fire! no sense of design…

      • Brian Milburn

        If only Honda would go the route of Suzuki.

    • Kr Tong

      Take a sensible scoot, add a weird transmission that makes the thing heavier and less fun, then overload it with options like sissy bars, bags, and bigass fairings and call it a tourer. Old honda territory.

  • Gabriel Torres

    I love Honda. But doesn’t this seem like too many completely new models (not just updates) coming at the same time? First it was the CBR250, then the NC700X, the the 500s, then the retro-1200, and now these. (I’m sure I’m missing one) If I’m a dealer, and they need me to carry all of these models, I gotta be a little angry, right? I don’t know how to feel about this. But I do love my NC700X

    • Jonathan Berndt

      i think they are struggling to find a market to stay alive to be honest.
      price is right though…

      • Sven Ram

        Struggling? Not so much. Honda is doing fairly well in the sales department. Their NC700-range was a very smart move and they know it. Those two new babies look really hideous to me though. Like, every time I see a Deauville I die a little inside. Hope these will grow on me, but I doubt it.

    • Khali

      They are making many models out of the same platform. That must be ridiculously cheap, and must add lots of sells…I like the NC700X, but now i think i may like this CTX better. And you know the proven reliability of that engine…low fuel consumption, manteinance every…12.000km?. I have read 100.000km tests for that engine. Its half a car engine (honda jazz), so with 100k on it, it was basically new. Expect 200k++ of healthy life for it. For that price?

      I say someone working in Honda right now is a genius :)

      • yipY

        So Honda is selling a slow bike at a relatively low price that will do tens of thousands of miles and not wear out? It seems a very stupid concept for a mass production manufacturer who would like to sell you a new bike every two or three years.I expect dealers to loath these things with a passion as they will make little profit in the sale,will be worth very little used and the things will not run away and die.

        • Khali

          So youre saying that you want fast and expensive bikes with high manteinance that will fall apart in 2 or 3 years? Why dont you buy a sportbike then? Problem solved.

          • yipY

            NO…,the factories want and need to produce bikes that look faded,dated and worn out in well under five years.It’s just mass production and marketing reality.Bikes that last forever in reality do neither riders,dealers or bike factories any favors.

            • Kevin

              Reliability and longevity breeds brand loyalty. Honda has built a reputation on this and it allows them to charge a premium for their product.

              • yipY

                I’m rolling on the floor amidst hails of derisive laughter.I guess most of this bike will be sourced from places known for their outstanding quality of plastic and assembly like Spain,Brazil,India,Thailand and China.Honda may have “built a reputation” decades ago with great bikes but charging a “premium” for this particular world car effort is a joke.And FYI I’ve owned plenty of high end Hondas and will not go there again:too expensive to rebuild or repair compared to Suzukis,Yamahas and Harleys.Honda used to sprinkle “pentax fairydust”on their bikes and cars and made them special and unique in style and design but sadly that now has been lost forever.

        • HoldenL

          You’re trolling, right?

          I’ll tell you who wants a bike with a low saddle, low price, dream-worthy reliability and that is relatively slow: First-timers. And first-time owners need helmets, jackets, gloves and accessories, so dealers should welcome first-timers. Honda’s concept isn’t stupid, it’s smart. I hope they succeed in making utility bikes a staple in North America.

          These bikes will be popular on the resale market as the owners move up and they sell their CTXs to other first-time riders. Those buyers, in turn, will get used-bike discounts, then they’ll head into dealerships (or go online) to buy armor and accessories. If these bikes sell well, they’re a gift to moto retailers.

          Most non-riders are intimidated by motorcycles — not only because of Cruiser Face, but because of safety concerns, high saddles and foot-activated transmissions. The low saddles on these bikes are a great selling point that, inshallah, will bring first-timers, including women, to showrooms.

          • yipY

            Any dealer will tell you that pitching to the soft low end market is fraught with danger.There is little profit and at least a third of those noobs will crash and scratch up the bike and never ride again.A bike with an auto trans that will allow any rider with the I.Q. and riding ability of an orangutang to easily spirit up to the ton is a recipe for immanent death.The majority of people who are intimidated by motorcycles simply should not ride them,that’s what maxi scooters are for.First time riders tend to buy cheap clothing and helmets with high mark-ups and relatively low profits or retailers.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        collect em all, trade with your friends!

  • Georgi Bonchev

    These two are amongst the best looking bikes I’ve ever seen! Especially the full faired version. I just wonder if it would create internal competition with the Deauville…

    • George Roberts

      WARNING: sarcasm detected.

    • Brett Lewis

      I assume the Deauville/NT700V is still being sold outside of this country, but the US site only shows 2010/2011′s.

  • George Roberts

    Didn’t Honda learn its lesson the first time it made the DN-01?

    Of course, they did get the pricing right this time…

    • yipY This “George Roberts”guy works for U.S. Suzuki it seems.Hardly an impartial commenter I would imagine.

      • George Roberts

        Does that mean i’m wrong? Search my other comments and get back to me if you think i play favorites.

  • Kevin

    Like nothing on the road–and they released it with Apple-style stealthiness!

    I know there will be haters, but I’ll bet people will buy this bike. We already know the new engine provides a very serviceable ride and awesome gas mileage, and there are a lot of people who prefer this seating position. I would never have thought of it, but it makes a lot of sense I think.

    • Brett Lewis

      I don’t like the style, handling, or weight of most cruisers but I do like the comfort, for the longer rides. Both of these bikes have a lower MSRP than the Shadows.

    • yipY

      Spoken exactly like a guy who will never buy one of either model.Q:”Like nothing on the road”?,It’s like a very slow TDM900 with a dumb cruiser riding position.Bikes that “make sense” never sell:ask a salesman and watch him roll his eyes.It has got a lot in common with Apple products:over priced,limited stunted function and relying on a big brand name to sell.

      • Kevin

        I see small metric cruisers all over the place. Here’s one that is lower priced, gets better gas mileage, and doesn’t look like a cruiser. I know that the crowd here sees forward controls and reacts violently, but there are a lot of people on the market who prefer that riding position. And in fact I might buy this bike because I’ve been having hip and knee issues and that riding position could make the kind of miles I like to ride more manageable. And anybody who focuses on power doesn’t understand how bikes can have considerably less than 100 bhp and still be a very satisfying ride. V-Strom anyone?

        • Jeff Haun

          A V-strom can’t be compared to this except in HP. The ergos on a strom are much more suited for riding. This bike is designed to sell to middle aged men who are tired of dressing up like pirates.

  • Jim Priest

    All I’m thinking of is the hourly rate at the Honda dealer and how long it’s going to take to just get the plastic off.

  • Brett Lewis

    Liking this, was taken aback momentarily by the tourer, but the longer I look the better it gets. Have the V-Strom 650 Adventure on a list of mine, will have to see this first.

    • George Roberts

      Skip the Adventure, get the base bike instead. Then call ALTRider or Twisted Throttle.

  • owen

    I actually think the faired version is not that bad! It kinda has some 70s tourer retro touched (windscreen reminiscent of windjammer) but with some newer design elements mixed in. I hope they sell 10 million of them.

    • Robotribe

      Me too. I’m not a natural fit for whatever class this bike is trying to fit into or define, but I can appreciate the practical advantages the faired version offers. I also like the 70s/80s vibe. Un-faired and naked, it looks “confused” to me; like a Hornet tarted-up and pretending to be a Griso but not quite getting there.

  • markbvt

    Pretty good basic concept for a bike — there should be more entry-level motorcycles offering this combination of features — but what’s with the forward-mounted footpegs? The cruiser crowd isn’t going to be interested in this bike, and for everyone else, mid-mounts make way more sense… especially on our continually-deteriorating roads.

  • GP

    Now, if they would only direct some of their renewed enthusiasm towards their hard core enduro line up. The CRF-X’s would be fine, if they had 6 speed transmissions, and *blinkers*!

  • Brett Lewis

    The touring version appears to be the bike represented by the “Mystery Bike/Concept” image from the press conference a few months ago. The CTX700 is listed on the site under Touring, and the N version is a Cruiser.

  • Khali

    That faired one definitely has a point. It can appeal to maxi-scooter riders, and also to cruiser riders…maybe not all of them, but it will to some. And to those practical, sensible, careful riders that buy with the head rather than the heart…hell, I can imagine my father riding one of this…

    HFL: can we get more pictures of the faired CTX? would like to see how that headlight looks :)

    • Mykola

      re: Maxi-scooter riders,

      Before riding a Honda Reflex for a while, I would’ve dubbed this the DN-01.2 (Do not own one, too), but now I can understand the layout/chassis/ergonomics.
      and Holy crap the price, this bike is like a Honda Shadow, but good.

  • Tony Thayer

    Looks like they’re gunning for the Sportster crowd, but that isn’t a bad thing at all.

    • TP


  • Dan Sciannameo

    Aprilia Mana copycat

  • Troy Rank

    Remember that time I said Honda was killing it? Just kidding…

  • Lemar Far

    Replace the current engine with the CBR 1000s and bam! You have a VROD killer, maybe even Honda’s version of the Diavel- am I the only one thinking about this?? I am shocked to say that I like this design, but the small engine has got to go.

  • Neon Mullet

    I was totally on board with this, and then I saw the location of the foot pegs. *facepalm*

    • Jeff Haun

      Agreed. I would love a mid sized touring option like this from Honda but riding on something where I feel like I’m sitting in a chair is not only painful, but terrible for riding.

      • Mark Desrosiers

        I think the normal CT700x would be essentially what you’re looking for. Its just a “tall-rounder” a la V-Strom with that engine in it.

        • Ricardo Gozinya

          Or the NT700v

    • the antagonist

      Yeah, but with a 28″ seat height, it’s going to be hard to squeeze into rear sets unless you have ridiculously short legs. For this bike’s size and target audience, I think the peg placement if about right.

  • Nic

    I’ve always wanted an early 80′s silverwing but I also know the value of having a new bike. I also was disappointed that it had a shaft drive and not a chain drive as I wanted to change the gearing for a more highway friendly ride. I am pooping my pants over here for the CTX700T, hopefully it won’t be too hard to add a radio…

  • yipY

    This touring CTX700 would do most things less efficiently than a Suzuki AN400 Burgman but with your feet feeling the cold wind blast.Why has it got mini ape hangers and forward pegs? It looks like a SV650 that wishes it was a Burgman.Buy a Burgman:I did….This touring version looks like a Honda Pacific Coast that has left the Castro S.F. lifestyle well behind and has begun a regime of mild testosterone therapy.The Pacific Coast is an ancient ghost still haunting Honda’s gene pool.Ghosting is not good.

    • stever

      Pacific Coasts are amazing. Why are you wrong?

      • yipY

        Honda Pacific Coasts were indeed amazing,they came with their own glorious sunset that took all future sales prospects beneath the waves.P C’s are motorcycle designs Moby Dick:out there:somewhere.

  • Jonathan Berndt

    heres a topic, discuss…

    what has happened to visual design? i mean its out there, to my eye Ducati and KTM are cutting edge, they make some great looking bikes that happen to go as well as they look. from this thread im thinking most of you would rather have a commuter that gets great mileage over performance and styling, or maybe wouldnt rather have, but just dont hold the looks of their bike as a factor when shopping. im curious as to why Ducati and KTM have great looking machines while the majority of motorcycles today look like, well, Toyota/Nissan/Hundas.
    what do you guys think makes for a bike that stirs your soul and why… and be honest.

    • TP

      Entry level bikes aren’t supposed to stir your soul, they’re supposed to appeal to people who don’t have the same proclivities as us and are oblivious to the stigmas.

      Bonus: if the Japanese had figured out how to design really moving machines a long time ago there never would have been any room in the market for boutique manufacturers like KTM, Ducati, etc.

    • Victor Lombardi

      We know what stirs the soul, just pull up Bikexif on Facebook and look at the ones with the most likes.

      As to why Honda etc. don’t stir our souls, I’d say they just have too much investment on the line with worldwide sales to take the chance with anything that is too different. Smaller firms like KTM can take those chances.

      But with Bikexif doing the market research for us, it’s surprising more companies aren’t taking design cues from those customers. Or maybe the release of cafe racers from CCW and Royal Enfield is the beginning of that.

      • yipY

        It’s because bikexif portrays barely ridable hipster junk design exercises as desirable fashion items for follow fashion monkeys.Honda is a motor company,not a fashion webpage on a mere monitor to attract hits to justify ad revenue.

        • George Roberts


  • KeithB

    I am considering a replacement for my ST 1100 and the 700D might just be a winner.
    Less weight, better fuel economy and good seating position (for my older bones…) and a decent price point.

    • KeithB

      Just came to my attention, it’s a chain drive!
      That kills it for me.
      I see an ST1300 in my future.

  • John Ashman

    The only bummer here is the obviously cruiser like ergos. That kills it for me.

    If the big faired model could be combined with the NC ergos, that would be a potntially nice bike.

    Not qute sure about having to suffer crappy cruiser ergos without the classic crappy styiling.

  • rohorn

    I wonder how many people here bitching about the peg location have spent many hours on a bike with both a low seat height and mid pegs (or better yet, rearsets). And high seats are a huge turnoff for most people who are bike curious.

    Sad fact of the motorcycle business: Success doesn’t come from making bikes for the “experts”. There are already enough bikes out there to make all the “experts” happy. The business/universe/etc…doesn’t revolve around you.

    • yipY

      “Good” bikes never sell.Adrenaline pumps and scary ones do:ask a dealer and watch him roll his eyes in pained agreement.Quote:”Success doesn’t come from making bikes for the “experts” “.I can’t think of any MC company that has prospered by creating bikes for novices.A soft cycle bike for novies is commonly referred to as a car.

      • Tyler 250

        I think you could argue that the entire modern motorcycle market is the result of Honda creating bikes for novices in the 1960s.

        • yipY

          Honda replicated German NSU’s twins and their technology:they created nothing.

          • Tyler 250

            Well, the Super Cub was a single, not a twin. More importantly, it was the greatest selling motor vehicle of all time. If Honda hadn’t built it and marketed it so successfully, maybe someone else would have, but regardless, you can’t deny that it’s what brought motorcycles to the masses. This appears to be an attempt to recreate that success.

            • yipY

              Honda replicated German NSU’s twins and “their technology”.That includes the Cub.Honda’s not interested in recreating”that success”,they are merely trying to survive.This camel designed by a committee and soap salesmen is just more evidence of their decline manifest in mere metal.

    • Neon Mullet

      The seat height on this thing is the same as the goldwing, right? I don’t see any requirement for the gynecologist office seating position on that one. I don’t see how this is more comfortable than a more neutral riding position

      • rohorn

        There are six reasons why the Goldwing’s pegs are that far back. And if you ever worked in the service dept of a busy motorcycle dealership, then you’d get paid to install these on an awful lot of customer’s Goldwings (and lots of other bikes as well – as Honda has noticed):

        • Neon Mullet

          So there’s a possibility for them to have that riding position, should they desire it. Sounds perfect to me! If I could install something on this bike to have a more neutral riding position, I would buy one.

          • rohorn

            Seriously though, I prefer the neutral position (vast majority of the time) – but I saw too many customers who thought otherwise. As long as they buy the bikes that pay for the development of the bikes I like, I’m happy!

  • rohorn

    The more I look at this, the more I think it is just two cylinders and a fatter rear tire away from being the Honda Diavel….

  • VagrantCoyote

    I’m not down with many of the latest offerings from Honda, used to be a huge Honda fan but their designs are boring and lackluster.

  • motoguru.

    “These seem like the answer to the question that no one asked.”

    No, that was the Diavel.

  • motoguru.

    I sat on these at the Chicago IMS over the weekend. First impressions were that they were pretty neat looking and incredibly light feeling. Fwd controls aren’t my thing at all, so my verdict is still out until I can ride one…

  • Jonathan Berndt

    yes! exactly, well put!!!

  • yipY

    Something prevents Honda from making truly great twins.The CX 500 came close,but I doubt one cobbled together from cheap car parts will amount to much.The mundane can be great in maxi-scooters,but not in motorcycles.

  • Matt Tysoe

    No shaft drive?