Max Biaggi Interview

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Credits: MotoGeo

Max Biaggi is one of the world’s greatest motorcycle racers – he won the 250cc World Championship four times and the World Superbike Championship in 2010 – and he retired last year. He’s had a 20 year long career in motorcycling and is retiring after to focus on his family. MotoGeo did an interview of Max Biaggi in where he reflects about his lengthy career and retirement.

  • HellomynameisAG

    Nice job, but i want to see him against the other bikes – Jaimie on his dino and company.. I know he is fast, but I want to see the smoke show.

  • Rosario Müller

    Max also won WSBK last year as well.

  • Chris Spohn

    well, that’s one ugly paragraph. this one’s marginally better.

    Max Biaggi retired at the end of 2012, not only as WSBK Champion, but as one of the world’s greatest motorcycle racers. Amazingly, after 20 years of racing, he was able to retire in top form and is now going to focus on his
    family. MotoGeo did an interview with Max, where he reflects on his six world titles.

  • Will

    Too bad he’s still a d bag

  • The Blue Rider

    Interview footage of his riding was cool, but it was more fun to see it from Adey’s POV as he tore on by at a million miles an hour!
    Something I can never get a handle on, is why all the hate for Biaggi? I understand he’s apparently done some dickish things on-track, and it seems like he really doesn’t get on well with other Italians on the paddock, but in interviews he always seems like such a calm, pleasant guy. I find him likeable. What am I missing?

  • V Twin

    My favourite (top four) WSBK riders: Foggy, Bayliss, Biaggi, Haga!