NoTo Mob: Bikers against parking fines

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NoTo Mob is a group of motorcyclists in the UK who wear “V for Vendetta” style masks with one goal in mind: stop unfair ticketing. These high ticket areas are called “honey pots” — areas with confusing or unclear road signs and its easy to get a ticket. Every Saturday, the meet up to find council CCTV cars and warn fellow motorists about fines they could incur for breaking the law unknowingly.

NoTo Mob and a CCTV car.

NoTo Mob isn’t against parking fines or speeding tickets, they believe that should be conducted in a fair manner. For example, there’s one gentleman who was popped 5 days in a row and possibly gotten a 650 pound fine. That’s 985.53 US dollars for simply breaking a parking fine.

They aren’t doing anything illegal either — they have set of rules that comply with laws and its easy for anyone to do help out. The reaction NoTo Mob is often waves, thumbs up and hugs.

“It’s people power,” states one member. “We have rules and guidelines for our safety and to ensure we don’t get arrested. But we’re not doing anything wrong. It’s not rocket science, you just need to understand the dos and don’ts and off you go.”

The group figures its had returned or saved fellow motorists 2.8 million GBP in fines.

You can help out the NoTo Mob crew here.

Photo Credits: The Telegraph and Linda Harrison

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  • Mykola

    Good on them!

  • KeithB

    We have a few of those “honey pot” locations in Toronto.
    There is no problem that I see having speed enforcement around schools , hospitals or areas of high pedestrian traffic.
    However, these Bullshit Zones are none of that and we are led to believe that there is no quota for “revenue tickets.”
    Nothing to do with safety that I can see!