Phew, you can watch SBK this weekend

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After much drama over US broadcast rights for World Superbike in the US this year, it appears as if a deal has finally been inked. BeIN Sport will broadcast the first race at Phillip Island this Saturday at 8pm, also streaming it online for the 99.999% of you who don’t know what BeIN Sport is.

Rumors were swirling this morning that Al Jazeera could be SBK’s new American home. And, it kinda is. BeIN (better get that funky capitalization right) is jointly owned by good ol’ ‘Merican Time Warner Cable and the Qatari broadcaster. It typically broadcasts all those fruity Euro sports like football (the kind with feet), tennis and rugby.

SBK was previously broadcast on SPEED TV, but that contract was not continued for 2013.

  • jp182

    Actually it looks like you may need to be a subscriber to the channel in order to watch it streaming

  • TraderJoesSecrets

    This is useless. Thanks to media fragmentation, we’ve finally reached the point where each and every one of us has his or her own channel that is watched by precisely no one. So everything is broadcast but nothing is seen. A propos de rien, as the French say, I went to Carol Burnett’s live show the other night. In the program, they mentioned that 30 million people used to tune in to her every week. There’s not a single weekly show in the U.S. that could possibly command such an audience today. Ironic, eh? Remember when Wide World of Sports occasionally deigned to broadcast a short bit on some GNC race? Back then, we had no TV deal but garnered a larger audience than we could dream of today…

    • Ceol Mor

      How is this a problem for the end user? I find more coverage of motorcycle racing now than I ever did when the Carol Burnett Show was originally aired (that would be ZERO, by the way). Carol Burnett had a captive audience because there was nothing else to watch…

    • Mitchel Durnell

      I just want to know the Secrets of Trader Joes. Do you know the secret of how to get in and out of their terribly laid out parking lots?

      • Ceol Mor

        ^^^This is funny!

      • TraderJoesSecrets

        Hah! Sorry, I’m an expert on how they built their brand, not how shopping centers happily ensconce TJ’s stores in parking lots totally inadequate for the traffic TJ’s generates. If it’s any consolation, you’re far from alone in this complaint. See

        • Campisi

          I’ve always been under the impression that Trader Joe’s would rather you took the bus or a bicycle to their locations.

          • TraderJoesSecrets

            Their highest volume store is in Manhattan, where no doubt most customers arrive by other-than-automobiles. That said, they def want you to buy more stuff than you could conveniently carry by bike or on a bus…

    • roma258

      I dunno about Carol Burnett, but the channel fragmentation has gotten pretty insane. How many freaking sports channels do we need? Every major college conference and major American sport has a channel. There are action sports channels, racing channels, local sports channel and so on. In theory that’s great, because chances are, whatever you want to watch is going to be on…somewhere. In reality, it’s a huge clusterfuck of ridiculous sports “bundles” and in the end, there’s no guarantee that the channel you want is even carried by your provider. Can’t wait till it all implodes and we just stream whatever we want over the internet in HD.

  • Aaron Berg

    What about those of us in the great white north?

    • Wes Siler

      You have TVs?!

      • Brett

        We like to huddle around their warming, glowing warmth.

      • Aaron Berg

        Heck yeah we do! Just takes a little to get the 50″ flat screen thru the door of the igloo.

      • Lawrences

        … and Amarok P1 designers

    • Mitchel Durnell

      Watch out for moose.

      • Lawrences

        we won’t be watching out for beIN SPORT – “North America’s Premier Sports Network” is not available in this small corner of North America. What a joke.

  • Gary Turnbull

    Torrents are the answer for Eurosport coverage. Last season some races were up b4 SPEED could fill them full of rototiller commercials………other races didn’t pop up until about Tuesdays.

    • Mitchel Durnell

      But who will I turn to for motorcycle insurance? I need the warm confidence projected by a white haired man in front of several recolored Kawasaki bikes.

  • Ceol Mor

    I just checked beIN Sport’s website and did not see anything but a 2013 World Superbike Series preview scheduled for tomorrow night (2/20). It does not appear as if they will be broadcasting Sunday’s race live or even tape delayed on the same day. Does HFL have different information?

    • Ganesh Bell

      same here.. also I dont see any link on their website for live/delayed streaming either?

      we are a decreasing minority of people who like sportbikes and racing in the US.

      The coverage may end up being as good or even better if they just carry european coverage and additional program feeds – but it still feels like bad to have it on a channel no one has heard of or sowing handball right after it

  • Guest I’ll just leave that here.

    • HellomynameisAG

      invitation code please (pretty please)

      • gsx750f

        For me too please! :)

    • Damien Gaudet

      Wouldn’t mind an invitation code here either! Please?

    • TP

      me too plz, if you’d be so kind…

    • Christopher Horrell

      I too would be forever grateful for a invite code.

    • nightscout13 did a good job. Live stream, no commercials.

  • HellomynameisAG

    hey for anybody that has Time Warner Cable in NYC BeIN is Chnl 449 and 450 – but you need to order the service. Enjoy fuckall on Time Warner Cable.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    Meanwhile, on Speed:

  • Jonathan Berndt

    where?? im not seeing any WSB coverage on their program schedule!

    • roma258

      Here’s the latest update:
      ‘BeIN Sport, which has the U.S. broadcast rights to World Superbike,
      may show the first race live in the U.S.on Saturday, February 23 at 8
      p.m. EST. (Phillip Island is 16 hours ahead of EST.) Though the beIN
      SPORT website doesn’t list World Superbike on its schedule, a
      spokesperson originally confirmed the time slot. However, in a follow-up
      e-mail, the spokesperson wrote that a decision hadn’t been made on
      whether it would be televised.

      “Superbike is only confirmed to be available streaming live online
      through the beIN SPORT website,” the spokesperson wrote, adding that a
      decision on televising it would be made Wednesday, February 20.’

      I have Verizon and they don’t even have the channel as an additional option. Looks like racingforme+HDMI for me.

  • karlInSanDiego

    This is at least a temporary fail. My Time Warner has BeIN, but it’s in the Sports Pass package. Facckin Fox did this to us when they “saved” Speed and turned it into the NASCAR and now the we don’t have enough sports channels already so we’re taking your car one, fool channel. Anyone know a good software DVR to record live streams on the web and can confirm that BeIN Sport will be streaming for free (without having to go to Pirate sites)?

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    What a joke broadcasting in this country is. How many Sports channels do we have? All of them spewing useless crap about MLB, Football, NBA. Is that necessary? Speed was a money maker because it concentrated all racing fans into one network. I would tune in for SBK or GP and stick around to watch Daytona or AMA or F1. Even having our 2 wheel fix at the gracious allowance of time from Redneck Billboard Parades. It was good for the sport to have it all under one roof. Does this mean that Dorna will move MotoGP as well?

  • Campisi

    I’ve been using it for a while now, and it hasn’t given me any issues. Then again, my OS was free.

  • Campisi

    People still watch television?

  • Angelo

    You can wach the race here, check it out!!!!!

  • Angelo
  • Khali

    In Spain WSBK will be broadcasted live on RTVE sports channel, and then re-broadcasted at 14:40 on saturday and 14:40 on sunday. And we will have spanish ex-pilots Ruben Xaus and Joan Lascorz as commenters…nice! :D

  • Aaron Trent

    A moto-journo calling other Euro-centric sports fruity? Tone doesn’t carry over the internet or some serious unintentional irony,

  • Chris Wilson

    What a fucking joke, and content owners wonder why people torrent everything

  • Dan

    After reading this and the comments I have a question please;
    Will there be any bike racing available either on the basic package or on the net?

  • Hooligan

    Really good fun races in Ozlandia. Them Aprillia’s are flying.

  • Nora Seamonk

    rugby! “fruity”! nurse! sides!