PSA: Don’t forget to remove your tire warmers

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That says it all really. Tire warmers, unsurprisingly, have less grip than the actual tires, so it’s probably a good idea to take them off before getting on the track.

  • Jonathan Berndt

    good throttle control there regardless!

    • Scott Otte

      Traction Control?

      • Bart Raitano

        Naw he just got lucky!

  • Speedo007

    great reflexes indeed!

  • nick

    Good for him. I would’ve fared much worse, lol.

  • Blake Harrison

    That’s at Jennings GP. Good thing he caught himself.

    • Fizzy Fox

      Why is that? They wouldn’t let him back or something?

      • Bart Raitano

        Naw they would just make fun of him…..heheh
        This was last year…..he couldn’t make it again this year but was for sure a topic in the riders meeting when this same group was back there last week heheheh
        You can only imagine my excitement when one of our fellow riders exclaimed he had footage of this over a year later!!!!

        • Fizzy Fox

          Haha! Hilarious.

    • Bart Raitano

      It sure is!
      I love this place!!!

  • King

    bet that caused a buttpucker.

    • Bart Raitano

      Was even more scary when he spun and came back at me…

  • JC Maldonado

    Not dropping it=WIN

    • Bart Raitano

      I was pretty impressed he held I together too man…..and glad he didn’t hit me!

  • Daniel Silverman

    That’s some awesome control.

  • Shaun Groomes

    yeah, crazy control. Actually impressed me

  • Marco Auriti

    Was this a DESMO day? Both guys are still running street fairings plates and what seem to be some pretty fresh suits. Could’ve saved the $ on those warmers for another T-Day.

    • Bart Raitano

      Nope, it’s a private rental weekend with a bunch of the NESBA guys.
      He wired the warmer back together and it was working before the next session…..even though he almost pulled the whole EZ up down when he pulled away dragging chords and wires…..
      His leathers were brand new that trip….mine had a season on them before this.

  • Jordan

    You see some of the weirdest stuff at a track day. I remember this one old weird dude disconnected the kill switch for the engine when you go into gear with the kickstand down.

    He was fixing to roll off where we were grid up on hot pit onto the track with the stand down and a bunch of staff were waving and shouting to get him to raise his anchor.

  • Billdacat

    Nice save!
    I can see myself doing something like this, so, I can’t poke too much. Judging by the plates and tape on the lenses, this was likely his first track day. Jitters I’d bet got the best of him. His buddies are never gonna let him live that stunt down.

    • Bart Raitano

      It was indeed his first time on the track and the adrenalin had gotten the best of him for sure! Furthermore it was his first time on a street bike even in nearly 20 years……although accredit the save to his excellent dirt bike skills!
      And yeah…..he’s a little embarrassed….and tried to blame it on yours truly when the track boss came looking for his name to announce his blunder on the loudspeaker…..fortunately she knew my name and did announce it until she got the correct rider……heheheh

  • Bart Raitano

    Being the one on the red bike and seeing this first hand….I’m ecstatic that our buddy was able to find this footage…..I’ve been telling this story for a year now and no one had the true effect of it until now….
    Glad everyone liked it and it was such a hit in the moto world!
    And I’m certain my buddy who did it is pretty stoked about all the great comments about what a great save it was!
    Peace, love and motorcycles !

  • disqus_Dau7fDe97a

    The Ducati 1098 or 1098 s or 848 haven’t traction control. Only 1098 R ;) .

    This is a very lucky rider or one of the best rider in the world ;) .

    • Bart Raitano

      I will tell him you said do!!!

  • Oleg Sendzyuk

    As a pilot, i know the value of a preflight. In this case, what the hell was this guy thinking?