How the new R1200GS’s engine works

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The 2013 BMW R1200GS’s engine is a bit of a pickle in that, while yes it is now water-cooled, it’s only partially so. How the heck does that work?

  • jp182

    interesting, i wonder what having partial water cooling does for efficiency over going fully water cooled

    • Mykola

      Probably not about efficiency, but continuity. Allows engineers to keep the “air-cooled” twin while passing newer emission standards. I remember seeing a patent for the same thing with Harley Davidson on The Kneeslider

    • Sohl

      It’s about precision and efficiency, as I understand it. It’s a concept borrowed, like so many engine advancements, from F1. One of the nice perks for us two-wheelers is a smaller, lighter liquid cooling system, including slimming down bulky radiators.

    • markbvt

      I expect the greatest efficiency gained is that they didn’t have to redesign the engine very much — it was already oil-cooled, so they’re more or less just plumbing coolant instead of engine oil through those passages.

  • KevinB

    BMW and dubstep…didn’t see that one coming

  • Jay

    Being ‘partially’ water cooled is like being ‘partially’ pregnant.

  • Jimmie Davis

    Looks a little like the water cooled heads Harley has been working on ;)