Watch Roland Sands highside while wearing one of his jackets

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While filming the look book for his new range of 2013 apparel at Willow Springs, Roland had a little get off. Wes actually saw him the next day and vouches for his lack of injury. Guess his jackets do what they say they do.

via Motorcycle-USA

  • Charles Hardy

    /sarc on
    Nice protection
    /sarc off

    He sums it up nicely “…good mix of fashion and performance um together.”, fashion first.

    Also, He is lucky he still has a chin.

    • mugget man

      That’s the thing with accidents – you can’t tell what is going to happen, because… it’s an accident.

      People can ride their whole lives wearing open face helmets and never damage their face. Someone else could need major plastic surgery after a slow speed crash their first time wearing an open face. You just don’t know.

      Some people are mature enough to make their own informed decisions and accept the possible consequences, thankyouverymuch.

      • Charles Hardy

        An ex-racer (he had real racing talent btw) who got out of racing partly because of mounting injuries selling image is just plain silly, not informed.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        ever see that story of the dude that lost his nose… in a bicycle accident?
        pretty scary stuff, and at a relatively sedate pace. doesnt take much!
        rare case i know, but ill stick to a full face helmet… couldnt hurt!!

        • mugget man

          Nope, hadn’t seen that one. Although I’ve heard some horror stories of people who have crashed in open face helmets and basically had their face wiped away by the road, with other riders being helpless to do anything but stay with them while they die…

          I have always worn full face helmets as well, but I am not about to suggest removing people’s freedom of choice and personal liberties. Which is why it always gets my back up when people complain or put down others who choose to wear less than a Power Ranger.

      • orthorim

        The mistake people make is to assume accidents are random when they’re not.
        For example, read the motorcycle crash statistics for a given year – it’s horrible. A large percentage – relatively speaking – of bike riders seem to perish.
        But remove from that people who (1) go to fast (2) ride while intoxicated and (3) ride with no helmet on and you get a very different picture. Remove all the people who shouldn’t ride at that very moment for various reasons; remove stupid mistakes (which happen but they’re not random either); and people with no gear – and you’ll end up with the impression bike riding is actually very safe.

        Accidents are not random – you are in control of your own risk as long as you’re in control of your bike. That’s also why many people feel safer in a car than in an airplane. The airplane has (way) lower crash statistics but you’re not in control of your own destiny. And even statistically speaking a very safe driver may actually be more at risk in a plane.

        • mugget man

          To say that accidents are not random is contrary to logic and reason.


          An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

          mishap – chance – casualty – misadventure – fortuity

          The very definition of accident shows that it’s something completely unintentional and random.

          I think I understand what you’re saying, but you’re confusing the results of an accident (fatality) with the accident itself. Of course if a person is better protected they have a better chance of avoiding injury if they crash. And if a person doesn’t ride drunk, they sure will have a better chance of keeping it upright. But that’s not to say that someone who always wears the best gear and never drink rides will never crash.

          Sure a person controls their own risk when they’re riding. But you can’t honestly think that every person who crashes had the intention to do so? Because if accidents aren’t random, that’s what you’re saying?

          A person can minimise their risk by not hanging out the rear end of a bike in a wild burnout, but any random mistake can still lead to an accident whether a person has tried to minimise their risk or not.

  • Chase Ruszas

    Maybe he will finally make some riding jeans.

    • roma258

      Fashionable bandages?

      • Stephen Kellie

        El Solitario is making some pants, if you want some good looking leather pants?

  • Rami Halawani

    I high sided after hitting a diesel patch mid corner, much worse than this – Their jacket did the job. Glad I was wearing it.

    • Charles Hardy

      We have no-idea what his shoulder/torso looked like, only that the jacket still looked good after his 1 foot slide/impact.

    • orthorim

      I was wearing a textile jacket on an – also much worse than this – highside. Got flipped up really high, landed on my back, and slid along the road for a good distance.

      Got away nearly unscathed, textile jacket did its job. However, it didn’t look so good after. Pretty much a write-off now, there’s large holes in it.

  • Chris Fetherston

    1:45 for those at work and just wanna see a highside with no filler.

  • Shaun Groomes

    “It’s been a while since I’ve high sided a Harley.”


    • Sergei Petrov

      that’s not even a highside, that’s a low speed drop…

    • orthorim

      I like how genuinely embarrassed he’s about it in the interview, just like you or I would be.

  • Davidabl2

    It’s good that Roland didn’t smash his chin or one of his knees..easily enough done in even a low speed get off. Just sayin’ as they say.
    To paraphrase Mr. Hardy he’s “lucky he still has the chin he was born with”
    Stats seem to show that 60% of the time it’s the back of the head that takes a beating, 40% the front..

    • Charles Hardy

      Your “stats” are ill-informed, I give you:

      ~40% to the chin alone, with another ~30% to the front face of the helmet.

      I high-sided at speed wearing a full-face, guess where 99% of the dmg to the helmet went, yep the front. I still have a face and zero body damage today because I wore proper gear.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        you must have had a real highside though, not this little off.

      • orthorim

        I like my chin.

      • Davidabl2

        It wouldn’t be the first time my stats weren’t @100% (heh,heh)

  • jej

    That’s a high side?

    • mugget man

      Yes, he got flicked off the long way over the high side of the bike, rather than falling the least amount of distance straight to the ground. That’s pretty much the definition of a highside.

      • orthorim

        Good to know. I had one recently and wasn’t sure it really was a high side… lost traction on an oil slick, then failed to manage when the tire gripped again; in hindsight it happened way too fast and I don’t have intuitive reflexes to get me out of something like that. That’s where I just lack motor skill. I got flipped up like a pancake, landing on the road on my back and sliding along for a good while.

    • MrMotoWise

      In the same way that Ke$ha is technically a musician.

      • mugget man

        It doesn’t have to happen on the throttle. You can highside on the brakes, if the engine seizes, etc.

        If you end up sliding down the road in front of the bike… well there’s no way to get there apart from a highside, no matter what speed it happens.

        • MrMotoWise

          Wow that is fascinating…only I never said it had to happen on the throttle. Been there myself, four feet in the air, wondering where I was gonna land. You know, what 99% of people think of as a high side, as opposed to the clinical definitions you seem fond of. But thanks for the lesson, Miyagi.

  • isupposeso

    well made jackets and CE armor inside (you have to purchase separately) Nice looking too on or off the bike. I just hate the name plastered on the jacket.

    • Stephen Kellie

      I have the Ronin and its not easy to see the name on it? not even close to Icon, who seem to be getting better in this are as well!

  • Racetrack Style

    Those HDs sounded great! Glad you make parts for HDs and any bike that strikes your interest. You’re probably already working on boots? There’s still a big market gap for boots that can fit right in with what you were saying about your apparel…on/off a multitude of bikes while being functional.


  • Kevin Newell

    I’m confused about whether that was what he intended to do or not. That’s how he typically thrashes bikes in previous video of seen of him.

    • orthorim

      Doing stuff like that on a HD takes some guts, anyway.

  • Sergei Petrov

    I don’t get the big deal with this guy. Then again I don’t get fashion gear and parts to begin with

    • orthorim

      No problem. Some get it, some don’t.

      I like his welcome all bike types attitude. Also the products speak for themselves, was looking at those jackets recently & they’re just sweet.

  • fletchty

    I wish they would make some nice cleanly stated reinforced armored jeans (or casual pants). Only thing I’ve seen that looks nice and still protective out there are either the maple moto, or the aussie draggin jeans. The former shrink-to-fit annoys me, and the latter doesnt have built in hip/knee armor. meh.

  • Jeremy

    I never understand why people think there should be a differentiation on what sort of gear you should be wearing based on what sort of street bike your riding? Pirate gear isn’t as protective. I’m not saying that one should not float their boat the way they please, but you can’t argue an intelligent conversation about safety when you try to put fashion into the mix.