Sales recover 2.6% in 2012

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According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, new bike sales rebounded from 440,899 in 2011 to 452,386 in 2012, a 2.6% increase. While that figure remains far below the 1.1 million peak that came during the middle of last decade, it at least indicates a floor has been found and recovery is now viable.

Sales are up across segments but the largest increases come in scooters (+7.7%) and (and this is awesome), dual-sports (+7.4%). In contrast, street bike sales increased only 1.8% and dirt bikes 2.1%.

ATV sales also experienced a slight uptick, growing from 222,032 sales in 2011 to 225,244 in 2012.

  • Hugh Simons

    Did sales decrease in any segments?

    • socalutilityrider

      Hopefully Harley!

      • luxlamf

        So you Hope that there is No More American Corp building cruisers and baggers and wish for it and the 1000′s of Americans that depend on them for their job? I know its a Hypocritical Co in many ways but still most of its Ind is still on US soil. Weird, I dont like Pepsi, Thats as far as it goes, I just dont like Pepsi. Dont hope for Pepsi workers to be laid off anytime soon.

        • socalutilityrider

          There are two reasons for any business to exist: 1)To provide value to the customer.
          And 2), to count the money.
          Its not to provide jobs.
          Harley has done quite a bit of #2 prior to ’08, and very little of #1 since what, the ’50′s?
          Any market share decreases or layoffs are solely their own fault.
          Plus I get tired of seeing leather daddy/pirates thinking they actually ride.

          • luxlamf

            Ah so you dislike the Customer and blame the Co for it? So how do you feel about the Leather Clad Power Rangers that cause Much more problems on the road then say the Slow riding HD riders you are lumping together? You blame Ducati every time one passes you on a blind corner in a canyon? BMW when you are passed while splitting lanes? Honda, Yamaha etc..? You are just as bad if not worse then the Leather Clad Pirates I see on the road and its obvious you Do NOT own your own business if those 2 are your priority, you might own a charity. I would assume you also hate Porsche, and Aston and Bentley etc… So yes since You do not like something it should just go away.

            • socalutilityrider

              I see you ended up in the weeds here and missed my point. It’s ok, if I have to explain it, you’re never really going to know.

              And yes, I do own my own business. Back to work for me now!

            • KeithB

              I work in the Audio Video industry and have done many, many corporate business meetings with some very large companies and I’m here to tell you that socalutilityrider is right.
              They talk about increasing sales, decreasing costs and providing ROI for their investors.
              They do not talk about job creation.

  • Scott Sweeney

    Random question. Why are the wheels and chain shopped to simulate motion, yet there is no rider and the kickstand is down?

    • Con122

      Well, the kickstand is also on the wrong side of the bike. I guess it’s Opposite Day!

  • Scott Jameson

    Important news in advertising business, not so important to motorcyclists.

    • Gabriel Torres

      This is big news for us, not just advertisers. No sales = no new models. More sales = more product development. Take a look at what Honda’s doing now, with the bold, rapid expansion of their two-wheeled offerings. They can’t justify that if the market is shrinking.

      • Scott Jameson

        Dude, are you saying current motorcycles constrain your joy because market-choices are lacking?