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Shia Lebeouf is best known for his role as Sam Witwicky in the Transformers films. He’s also an avid motorcyclist, owning several motorcycles — including a Ducati Monster 696 and a Triumph Thruxton. He decided to take a break from Hollywood last year to write graphic novels. Shia has written three short graphical novels — “Let’s Fucking Party”, “Stale N Mate” and “Cyclical“, which is about a badass biker.

Badass bikers.

Shia Lebeouf’s art style is dirty and raw which compliments the story that is being told. The writing is short and emotional.

Motorcycling surfing.

“Cyclical” details the adventures of the bikers, Dave Raven and his friend Santavo, as they ride through the desert on their custom ’69 Shovel Head and a stolen Norton chopper. As the story progresses, Dave meets up with his girlfriend for the last time in a motel to say good bye and she begs and begs him to not do the jump the next morning. The story meets its end with Dave jumping a canyon, only to fall to his death.

Riding across the desert.

Shia’s graphic novels were a bit of an indy affair and never received a whole lot of promotion or distribution. But, there are a few available through Amazon: Cyclical

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  • 655321

    Spoiler alert! Thanks a lot, HFL. Now I know how Cyclical ends.

  • Damo Von Maciel

    Shia Lebeouf is lame. That is all.

    If you can get Harrison Ford aggravated enough to publicly trash, you can’t be that fun to hang out with.

  • Raph

    Wow, when you’re famous you can be sh**ty at everything and still always get exposure.

    • Damo Von Maciel

      Agreed, although this is pretty much the lamest sh*t I have ever laid eyes on.

      • Rosario Müller

        What did Kevin Smith say? In Hollywood you fail upwards?

  • BigRooster69

    Hello my name is Simon and I like to do drawrings.

  • Rosario Müller

    It has motorcycles + the person is famous = HFL.

  • Tommy Zipprian

    Dirty and raw? Fuck off.

  • JB

    Can’t tell if serious

  • Scott Jameson

    What’s Brittney Spears ridin’ nowaday?

  • Scott Baker

    At first I was like, “oh, that’s kinda cool, despite the fact that I’ve hated Lebouf in every movie I’ve ever seen him in”. Then I read the article and now I hate his graphic novels too. Good for him that he’s got halfway decent taste in motorcycles I guess.

    • sean macdonald

      Every movie? Really?

  • Hugh Simons

    He’s an actual cannibal, too:

  • Guest

    Um, that’s Shia LaBeouf. Maybe this comic book guy is a different Shia… or not.

  • Ken Lindsay

    Now, if this was done under the name Napolean Dynamite, it would be pretty epic!

  • sean macdonald

    Best known for his role in Transformers? You obviously weren’t a big Even Stevens fan.

  • John Godwin

    I have an Indian Larry tribute book. Many of the drawings here came from that book. The 3rd picture where they’re “surfing” is an exact replication.

  • John Godwin
  • EsmondHaddock

    lol I read this article thinking I was in on a massive piss taking but it turned out the piss you guys were taking was on me. This is genuine appreciation?! …Why?

  • Remi Trang

    WTF ?
    By the way, his “riding” in Wall Street 2 : Money never sleeps is one of the worst depiction of motorcycle riding in films and makes him obviously come out as a total non-biker … From memory: he picks up a call on his Scala Rider bluetooth-on-helmet thing using his throttle hand whilst continuing to ride smoothly and uninterrupted by his engine revving down … on a Ducati Streetfighter …
    Just sayin’

  • Jordan Jones

    I just want to remind every one when Shia was still working on Disney Channel he played a mentally handicapped child in a made for tv movie.

    It was very convincing.

  • Mark

    This is really quite horrible.

  • Campisi

    Needs more Liefeld.

  • BigRooster69

    “Shia’s graphic novels were a bit of an indy affair and never received a whole lot of promotion or distribution.(i.e. they suck balls)”

  • Wes Siler

    I like this conspiracy theory, but you clearly forgot the key role scientology’s indoctrination ships played.