Suspend Your Disbelief: Robocop 2014

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“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” – Robocop (1987)

Robocop, the perfect mesh of man and machine, is a cyborg police officer from the future. Before he was Robocop, he was Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer who was gunned down in the line of duty. Resurrected into a cyborg human from Omnicorp robotic technology, Robocop returns to the streets of Detroit to fight crime. Robocop is being rebooted for 2014 and this time he rides a badass police sportsbike replete in black.

The Movie
The original Robocop movies details his stories about stopping crime in Detroit and discovering the root of corruption exists in Omnicorp. The 2014 reboot has the same story, but with an all-new Robocop and probably fancier special effects. Now completely dressed in black with futuristic looking body armor, Robocop patrols the streets of Detroit once again.

Robocop on the bike.

The Bike
In the production stills released to the press, looking at the front brakes and the front forks we can see this motorcycle is a recent Kawasaki Z1000. Customized to look like an futuristic police interceptor, the fairings have been redesigned to give an aggressive look that matches Robocop’s armor as well. The tail seat section of the motorcycle looks like something off a modern jet fighter. The riding pegs have been relocated to end of the swing arm, it must be interesting riding a motorcycle in that position. The lights on this bike have been redesigned to give a more of a police look, I can bet that they flash just like patrol cars of today. That’s as much as we can gather from the production stills.

Robocop on his bike.

The Rider
Robocop, the ultimate cop of tomorrow, an efficient killing machine. After being resurrected into a cyborg through Omnicorp’s robotic technology, he becomes more machine than man. Eventually he begins to remember his memories and becomes Alex Murphy once again.

The Action
Sadly, we haven’t seen much of the motorcycle in action aside the productions stills. A trailer detailing what the motorcycle can do should be released soon considering the movie is due in less than a year.

The Reality
A beefed up sport bike that will be used in high speed chases to catch bad guys? That’s completely believable. The Kawasaki Z1000 is a great choice for a police bike, its 1043 cc engine outputs 136.1 horsepower with 81 foot pounds of torque and weighs in at 480 pounds. With those kinds of specs, you have an agile and fast motorcycle that could quickly overtake and stop the bad guys without much effort. Give Robocop one of these and you won’t have a problem with high speed chases ever again. My only concern is that Robocop may have a little bit of trouble getting off and on the motorcycle with the rear pegs set so far back. And we sure hope he’s got a cyborg spine, otherwise that riding position is going to cause some major back problems.

Believability: 8/10

  • Aaron Kirkland

    Why do futuristic movies always insist on having drag bike / land speed bike style rear sets, practically near the rear axle? It doesn’t look cool, and makes for super awkward handling…

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    The cool thing about that riding position is that Robocop can totally flex his Delts and Triceps at every stop light….Flexing is the new Cruiser Face.

  • thumper702

    My balls ache just looking at that riding position!!

  • Bronson

    I like the sound it makes when it shuts off

  • th3w3s

    I would have given it a 8 out of 10 for believability, but those pegs bring it down to a 2…

    • Scottie Ray Smith

      Also, is it an automatic? Thumb shifter? Is Robocop the ultimate squid…riding around in 1st gear everywhere?

  • hozhead

    So he’s part machine and wearing head to toe body armor but doesn’t bother with a basic set of riding gloves? Even squids wear gloves.

  • Khali

    Dude, this Robocop is a squid, riding around with all that armor and wearing an open -face helmet and no gloves.

  • DeusMach1na


  • Damo Von Maciel

    WTF? Where are Robocop’s “robohands”?

    • Mitchel Durnell

      Probably will be added in post (like most special effects.) Wouldn’t be surprised if he was chrome in the final shots as well.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    Separate from the bike, oh god I can’t believe they’re actually remaking Robocop.

    • Mykola

      It won’t be long before they exhaust all possible remakes and cross the threshold into doing remakes of remakes.

      • sean macdonald

        did you miss spiderman and batman?

    • Campisi

      The zeitgeist is about right for another Robocop remake. The economy still sucks for just about everyone not wealthy enough to be insulated from economic shifts, corporate power and government corruption/ineptitude are at elevated levels, cops are either brutal thugs or powerless to do anything about corruption in their departments, and the city of Detroit is still in the midst of deep change.

      That last point is the only substantive pretext shift I’m hoping for in this remake. Unlike in the Eighties, the changes Detroit is currently experiencing are more positive than not. Hopefully this version retains the sharp social commentary of the original movie; if they pull a Planet of the Apes and gut all of the intelligence out of the film for the sake of mindless action, I won’t be able to feign interest.

  • nightscout13

    Let put the pegs on the swingarm. He will appear to be faster.

  • tank1309

    Anyone else think the reason he seems to be ‘cupping’ his crotch whenever he’s not riding might be something to do with the riding position… See racing cyclists and nerve damage in the wrists from being ‘in the drops’!