The Best Bar in America

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The Best Bar in America is a film about man’s epic motorcycle road trip where he visits bars across the American West on his 1960 BMW R60/2 with a Velorex side car. The adventure consisted of 93 days, 11,000 miles and 9345 bars. The film should be debuting Spring 2013.

  • Dennis Bratland

    What could go wrong?

    • Daniel Silverman

      Only everything? I’m going to that mermaid bar.

  • Dan Sciannameo

    could only be on an old airhead

  • contender

    Isn’t that >100 bars/day?

    • Daniel Silverman

      Something like that, I’ll find out more once they release the film.

    • orthorim

      Clearly going for quantity, it’s amazing he got any riding done…

      • nikster

        Actually watching the trailer, looks like a film more than a documentary so it makes sense. No way you can visit 100 bars a day; if you spent 6 minutes in each one that would take 10 hours already, and that’s without travel time.

    • Davidabl2

      He clearly did not stop for a beer in each bar. heh,heh,heh.

  • Eric W Ristau

    Daniel- Thanks for the write-up. We really appreciate it.

    • Daniel Silverman

      No problem! I can’t wait to see the film!