The Bond bike infographic

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Created by, this infographic identifies and breaks down the the technical specs for ever motorcycle ridden by James Bond, from Octopussy’s R100CS to Skyfall’s CRF250R.

  • vfr_mike

    Those guys need to reconsider where they get their motorcycle facts. 63mph top speed on an XT500? 105mph top speed on a Z900? Other than that, an interesting look back at the bikes of Bond, though a couple were a bit of a stretch having not been ridden by Bond or one of the baddies.

    • orthorim

      Top speeds are way conservative.

  • Samuel A. Miller

    Since when is an R50 faster than a KZ1000?!?!?

    • sean macdonald

      google it. you may have other first hand knowledge, but i’m sure whoever made this just looked up the answers and those are the top speeds listed.

      • di0genes

        I think somebody confused kph for mph for the 2 kawasakis top speed would be about right for mph.

  • 655321

    Strangely omitted is the Yamaha XJ650 Turbo Seca modified by Q-Branch Sean Connery’s Bond rode in “Never Say Never Again”. Perhaps they are only counting the EON Bond films.

    • roma258

      Massive omission indeed!

  • Sasha Pave

    Awesome infog! I’m a bit curious on why the stats include fuel capacity and number of gears. I’d like to see “Death Count” and “Explosions Incurred” counts!

  • Ray

    Release date?!

  • Dustin Edwards

    Hammond from Top Gear just did a one off about Bond Cars. You’d think he’d do a short or something about Bond Bikes since he’s a biker.

    • JB

      He did a short bit about the rooftop riding in the new movie. Best part was when the Drivers were all decked out in full safety kit to drive through actual streets and the riders had to wear business suits and no helmets while they performed jumps on shingled roofs in Istanbul. (Insert huge balls joke here)

      • 655321

        Heh, “short bit”. You know, because The Hamster is short in stature.

  • HammerheadFistpunch
  • kyle

    That Honda trike is a ATC 90 not a 125 like the description says…