The One Motorcycle Show, 2013

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The One Motorcycle Show doesn’t exist to sell bikes or insurance or gear or t-shirts. It’s just there to celebrate the motorcycle in its simplest, most creative and universal form. This year saw record attendance, with an estimated 10,000 visitors spread over three days.

Deus Ex Machina shot this video.

Top notch eye candy in the form of both motorcycles and photography was plentiful- like the photography of Ray Gordon for THROTTLED and this springer fork 1969 Triumph T-100.

Adults and children alike were asked to make their mark on this Smoking Seagulls motorcycle creation.

Beautiful, rare, and vintage bikes were scattered amongst custom motorcycles.

Roland Sands had multiple bikes at the show including this blacked out Sportster.

Awards were given to bikes in different categories including “It’s European!,” “Italian Medallion,” and “Can I Take it for a Spin?”.

Bikes from Icon Motosports made their appearance at the show.

Deus ex Machina’s “Sevenish”- commissioned by a motion picture helicopter pilot who worked on Bond movies.

Some bikes flirted with the line between present and future.

Outside, the show seemed to continue.

Chrome Industries backed their van up into the show and provided commemorative tattoos.

Mechanical creativity was just as evident.

Alicia is a journalist, photographer and social media specialist working in Portland. You can see many, many more photos on her website, MotoLady.

  • Tom Witoshynsky

    I actually saw someone I had met at a swapmeet in that video. Pretty cool.

  • yipY

    “Deus ex Machina’s “Sevenish”- commissioned by a motion picture helicopter pilot who worked on Bond movies.” You mean the one who crashed and burned in London about a month ago?

  • grahluk

    The FFE Yamaha is intriguing. The PBR beardos are not.

  • Wes Siler

    Fucking hipsters.

  • Corey Cook

    Sometimes I wish I lived in Portland. Then I remember that I live San Diego, and rain is stupid.

    I’ll just live vicariously for now, that’ll do.

    • socalutilityrider

      Just go to North Park, pretty much the same thing but with palm trees!

  • martin

    so I presume they have all passed their singlespeed tests and now plan to get a bike wiv’ an engine oooooh along with compulsory glasses, beards and thats just the women…

    • yipY

      The meet needed “Sad but true” by Metallica wafting over the waifs to emphasize your wisdom in hindsight.

    • Forest Hoag

      Hate much?

      • martin

        Not at all. On with the bike clips forest…